Aura Herbal Textiles Limited – Company Profile
Love for environment. Passion for work.


To expand our business venture around an innovative process of producing herbal textiles and dyes. Thus help in preventing global warming and pollution related to textiles.


‘Aura’ is a dream venture of Arun Baid and Sonal Baid.

At Aura, our only dream is to offer options to each and every user to choose an herbal dyed textile over chemical dyed one, with no limitations to design, quantity, and quality.

Aura Herbal Textiles Ltd is exclusively engaged in Herbal and Organic textiles ONLY certified by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Herblal and Natural  Dyeing, weaving, printing all is done under keen supervision to maintain international quality standards. Dyeing of fabrics up to 120’ width has been achieved. Even lengths of up to 1000 meters in different fabrics like voiles, poplins, twills, flannels, corduroys, denims, knits, silks is now achieved at Aura. Aura Herbal Wear has beautiful color palette of earthy shades & various prints ensuring no waste is generated. All the solid & liquid waste is used as manure & irrigating their Farms.

“We Live and Dye Naturally”


Natural dyeing came to them while experimenting in their kitchen to see if the process actually stains the fabrics, both Arun and Sonal got very fascinated and interested in natural dyeing. The story weaves intrinsic entrepreneurship & innovation channeled by strong motivation to do something different and more importantly to take the lead.

This is a story of innovation. Having a strong and keen sense of experimenting Arun started experimenting with various plant material and minerals. They approached various institutions and hubs of dying in the region to band skilled hands that have the experience of using original technique to process and dye the fabric.

After visiting the most known places and having a peek in the dyers backyard they soon realized that to get the required purity and the desired quality they have to process the fabric under their close supervision on their own premises. With sound determination, Arun and Sonal took a plunge into the textiles with hardly any background in textiles and dyeing.   Each day got them more interested and committed to the natural dyeing process and they had started organically dyeing 2-4 meters of fabric .That is when Arun & Sonal decided to make some garments for themselves and see the feasibility of using these textiles they had created. After successfully using these fabrics as a part of their family's wardrobe for a couple of months, they decided it was time to bring this textile in the open market.

To get people's imagination running and to show the usability of their textile and to educate people they held their first exhibition in November 2000, which had products designed by Sonal. An overwhelming response from people interested in their textiles made them open their store in January 2001. Since then they have participated in various exhibitions educating the buyers and making people aware of the availability and benefits of herbal textiles. They are also involved in institutional sales and are promoting their fabric amongst other brands and designers in different parts of the world. Today various textile and garment designers and manufacturers use only Aura textiles for their products.

The journey which started with mere 3 meters of dyeing a fabric in a small tub has today come a long way, achieving more than 5000 meters dyeing per day capacity with the help of contemporary machinery and innovative techniques. It is a yield of extensive research of many years and even today the experiments are on in order to develop a more accurate and consistent process and to eliminate the various limitations of herbal dyeing like color limitations, inconsistency etc. We are working towards incorporating completely hygienic & green technology, accommodating lower levels of carbon footprints.

Accomplishments in Past

  • We have a strong R&D background on recycling waste going back to 18 years.
  • We had designed water re-cycling system for some of the textile process unitsrecycling waste in tune of 1,00,000 lt/day which is running successfully till date.
  • We have devised the recycling of steel pickling waste at our own premises and did it for 5 years continuously with success.
  • We recycled numbers of toxic waste generating from dyes and chemical industries at our own premise.
  • We had 400 metric tons of storage at our factory for storing such waste (biggest of its kind in Ahmedabad) while recycling about 50 Metric Tons daily.
  • We have worked with Scanacon Industries (Germany) for their recycling projects.
  • US Patent: Registered under US Patent for method of dyeing the textile article from medicinally rich herbs. The patent number is US7,485,158 B2 dated Feb 3, 2009. Click here to view the registration certificates.
  • CIIE - Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship ( is an initiative by IIM Ahmedabad to promote innovation and entrepreneurship by translating high tech and mass impact innovation in various disciplines of science and engineering into product, process and services. It facilitates incubation of new enterprise with innovative technologies by providing physical, technical, intellectual and networking support. We have been awarded with the 'AANVESHAN' trophy by the Indian Government for innovation.
  • GVFL: Has funded Aura Herbal for further expansion where in there capacity is increased to 10,000 meters/day

However we realized Prevention is always better then cure thus the Birth of Aura Herbal textiles Ltd


Environment-friendly Setup

In order to bring a nature-friendly environment in our infrastructure, we decided that the integral part of our unit should be organic. Our set up supports the organic and environmental issues at almost all stages in textiles. Our expansion of unit was inspired by the “green factory” concept.

We have composite departments for weaving, dyeing and stitching.


After being organically sized, the yarns are woven in our weaving unit. We also have strong sampling support for making desk loom samples and developing new quality of fabrics
Our capacity to weave is appx 1,00,000 mt/month at the moment


Our current capacity of dyeing and printing is approx 10,000 meters per day.

  • Currently, we are using
  • 12 automatic/semi automatic dyeing machines
  • 4 yarn dyeing machines
  • 2 auto dryers with finishing
  • VDR
  • 1 garment dyeing machine
  • 2 knit dyeing machine
  • 4 screen printing tables
  • 2 block printing tables
  • Washing machines
  • Compactor
  • O-O for woven
  •  Continuous relax washing unit
  • State of Art Laboratory with color kitchen
  • Roll packing machine


Stitching unit has 70 auto machines for woven & knits. Great emphasis is laid on quality. The stitching unit is capable of developing different products like terry robes, pillow covers, fashion garments and more.

  1. Juki Single Needle  Machine .........  55 nos
  2. Juki 4 thread overlock  ..............   6
  3. Juki 5 Thread Overlock ..............   1
  4. Juki Flat Lock with fabric trimmer ...  1
  5. Juki Flat lock ...........................  3
  6. Rib Cutting ............................   1
  7. Button Hole machine .................   1
  8. Snap button machine ................   1
  9. Picoting ................................   1
  10. Steam Iron  &Table ...................  3
  11. Blind stitch Machine ..................   1
  12.  Large Cutting Tables ................   3
  13. Sampling area
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