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One of the most successful innovations of Grasim in the past couple of years is ‘ICE  TOUCH’.  Ice Touch is a pioneer and continues to hold its preeminent position in moisture management based products in India. This product is well accepted all over India continues to be the market leader.

This product is based on Japanese technology. Grasim have collaborated to and innovated its use on Polyester Viscose blended fabrics to adapt this product to   the Indian conditions and the Indian consumer.

The unique properties of ‘ICE TOUCH’ are its instantaneous absorption of water, spreading of the same over a large surface area and its quick evaporation. When you sweat the liquid is quickly absorbed by the fabric and evaporated. When this liquid evaporates it takes heat from the inside of the fabric and thereby giving the wearer a very cool feeling.

Ice Touch is a specially engineered product produced from selected fabric constructions using innovative processing routines along with the aforesaid technology to get a wonderful handle and feel coupled with the above properties. Ice Touch provides cotton like comfort and PV like drape and wears properties.

In short ICE TOUCH is a unique range of fabrics possessing excellent handle, feel and drape along with extraordinary moisture absorption and evaporation giving a very cool and icy feeling.

CLEAN FAB is one of the most recent in-house innovations of Grasim Industries. This is a functional Polyester Viscose blended fabric in which for the first time dust free and soil free concept has been introduced. This fabric is ideally suited for the dusty atmosphere and environment prevalent in most parts of the country for most of the year.

Generally soiling and soil release is a serious problem when hydrophobic fibres (like polyester) are blended with cellulosic fibres (like cotton , viscose etc.) since these hydrophobic fibres attract soil to a greater extent and release the soil less readily during laundering.

In short CLENFAB is the ultimate product in terms of giving good comfort along with the soil prevention and easy soil release properties.

Uncrushables is a low crush fabric, first winter poly-wool fabric with anti-wrinkling quality to be launched in the industry.

While no fabric is ever 100% wrinkle free, Uncrushables is far superior to other competitive products with better crease recovery. The fabric is easy to wash and care of. Meant for the hard and rugged life indoors or outdoors, it is available in 15 colors.

FINESSE – Fine Fabric for Fine People
One of the most comfortable trousers made out of fine yarn. The fabric has a finer count which lends itself to luxurious feel and handle. It is ideal for night wear, party wear and outdoors.

Finesse is very easy to maintain and can be washed easily and carries a very elegant shape and drape all day long.

The fabric provides greater comfort like cotton and comes in some of the most exotic colors blue, black, beige, limestone, graphite and grey.

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