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Natural Dyed Yarn:
Natural Dyed Yarn,Natural Yarn,Dyed Yarn,Natural Cotton yarnWe Produce in a Great Quantity of all types of natural fiber yarn with natural raw material like flower, leaves, seeds By such types of natural herbs, all types of yarn like cotton & wool in a one batch. These is our art, mastery and specialty. And for these reason we got reduced variation in natural dye. We give same shade as demanded by customer in quantity. We do natural dye on all types of cotton and woolen yarn in all counts. We are doing our work with the latest technology. We can also supply natural dyed yarn in cone form so that you can easily use yarn for embroidery or weaving work. We prepare such yarn cone in a quantity of 400gm 500gm and 1kg or as per the customer order.

Naturally Dyed Fabric:
Naturally Dyed Fabric, cotton fabric, natural Fabric, natural fabric dyesWe dye the cotton fabric in different types of variety like 30, 40, 60 Etc with natural herbs like Flower, seeds, Leaves, bark. We dye minimum 100 mtrs in one batch. Dyeing through fully updated dyeing house by fabric machine in a quantity. Finishing as per the customer's requirement can be developed

Natural Printed Fabric:
Natural Printed Fabric,Printed Fabric,Natural Fabric,Natural Fabric DyesPrinting is the great art by everything can be changed and these art in continuing for many years in a different form and style in the beginning it was done by hand which we called Kalamkari, then after the printing was updated to in a form of block printing, then after screen printing and lastly machine print. As the time changed. The art and work of printing also changed in a different style and form. But so far as the natural printing is concern our Kalamkari printing and block printing there is no change. Even today it is loved, liked and appreciated by the people of all class.

Now we do the hand screen print on cotton and silk fabric with natural row materials. we make indian  sarees, Kaftans, Bed sheets, Stall and round skirt & all over printing in hand screen print we give less shade variation - printing mistake with parallel result. We give different types of touch and finishing like Hard, Soft, Shiny as per customers requirements.
Special eco-Friendly Fabrics:

Handspun natural dyed organic silk fabric:
Handspun natural dyed organic silk fabric, organic silk fabric, Silk fabricThe traditional process of silk production requires the killing of hundreds of thousands of silk moths in their pupae stage by heating and boiling, most consumers are not aware of this cruelty involved in the production process of normal reeled silk. Silk can also be made in non-violent way, particularly non-mulberry silks.
Thread taken out from Broken cocoons Hank Making Sizing Weaving
Our non violent Silk does away with brutal practices in the production of silk without compromising on the quality of output - which actually improves because of fiber purity. Unlike the conventional method where pupae are killed before reeling yarn from the cocoons, in the production of non violent silk the adult moths are allowed to emerge alive from the cocoons and then the silk yarn is spun from the open-ended Tassar cocoons and from pierced tassar and muga cocoons that have been used in breeding cycles or those found in the jungles.

It is essentially non-mulberry silk - from inherently non-reelable Tassar silk cocoons and non-violently processed tassar and muga cocoons. Matka silk keeps the body cool in summer and warm in winter and is available in a range of natural colors.

Organic khadi:
Organic khadi,Organic khadi Clothes,natural Khadi,Organic Khadi India,KhadiWe provide a range of handspun and hand woven cloth in a range of colors of nature.A unique feel and look achieved by hand process that cannot be replicated through machines. Apart from the benefits of dyeing with natural dyes it also creates employment for thousands of people.
Naturally Dyed Indigo Denim:
Dye Indigo Denim, Indigo Denim, natural Indigo Denim, Natural denimNatural indigo was the only source of the dye until about 1900. Within a short time, however, synthetic indigo had almost completely superseded natural indigo, and today nearly all indigo produced is synthetic. Over one billion pairs of jeans around the world are dyed blue with indigo. At herbalfab we are trying to revive the age old occupation of Dyeing with natural indigo and thereby limit the endless use of synthetic indigo.We provide you with different shades of blue which cannot be produced with synthetic indigo.
Finished product list:
  • At Grey Level and Yarn Level
    • Organic Cotton Hand Spun Yarn
    • Organic Cotton Hand Spun Hand Woven Fabric
    • Organic Cotton Machine Spun and Woven Grey Fabric
  • At Fabric Level
    • Organic Cotton Khadi naturally Dyed/Printed Fabric
    • Organic Cotton Machine Made naturally Dyed/printed Fabric
    • Organic naturally yarn dyed fabric
    • Organic cotton naturally dyed Indigo denim

 Above fabrics are available in both knits and wovens. 

  • At Finished Product Level
    • Towels
    • Natural Indigo dyed denim
    • Bed Sheets
    • Garments: Ladies Garments, Gents Garments, Kids Garments
    • Hankerchiefs ,socks,vest etc
    • Curtains
    • Cushion Covers
    • Yarn Dyed/Fabric Dyed Textile Collection
    • Prints in Textiles
    • Tye Dye Textiles
    • Uniforms: School Uniforms and Industrial Uniforms
    • Medicinal Textiles for Hospitals
    • Yoga: Yoga Dresses, Yoga Accessories
  • Special Eco-friendly Fabrics:
    • Organic Khadi: Hand Spun, Hand Woven Fabrics
    • Ahimsha (Non-violent) silk
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