Established in 1970, Honmyue Enterprise Co., LTD has become one of the leaders in the textile industry since the beginning of its journey over forty years ago. Honmyue first opened its doors as a small business with just 3 million NTD. Today, Honmyue is publicly traded on the stock exchange with ISO 9002, ISO14001 and blue sign certification. Our mission is to create customer value and our vision is to build a large Chinese textile benchmark companies.

Standardized Production

At Honmyue, we have developed a consistent and reliable manufacturing process, and we own factories specifically for technical processes such as weaving, dyeing & finishing, laminating, coating, and special finishes. Our processes and products are subject to rigorous production standards, allowing us to provide our customers with textiles of superior quality. Currently, Honmyue owns over 1000 top of the line automatic machines with a high quality fabric production capacity of over 2500 million yards.

R & D capability

Honmyue’s R&D department uses the latest technologies and machineries to develop textile designs and test performance. With our strong foundation in textile production superb customer satisfaction and expertise in innovation and market research we are confident of realizing various requirements from customer.

Eco Friendly

Honmyue Enterprise is a socially responsible company and we utilize natural materials and produces recyclable textiles of benefit to a healthy ecosystem. In addition we are committed to further research in Eco-friendly manufacturing process to minimize the influence on our mother earth. Honmyue aims for environmentally sustainable production include prolonged product lifespan and repeating recyclable goods.