Four Point Fabric Inspection System



Fabric inspection is a tool for satisfying internal as well as external customer. External customer can benefit by getting the products as per the specification provided while internal customer benefit by knowing the reason for any down-gradation and can thus correct the same. Fabric inspection also mirrors the packing percentage and associated value losses due to down-gradation. There are many inspection systems and of them four point inspection system has got wide acceptance and is followed globally by fabric and garment manufactures. This article is an attempt to highlight the advantages, procedure of four point inspection system and using the generated data for grading of the fabric.




Fabrics have certain desirable characteristics depending on end use. Various defects in the fabric either mar the appearance or adversely affect some of these desired characteristics. Thus fabric produced must be inspected before releasing it for dispatch so that the proper quality goods reach the customers.

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About the Authors:


The authors are M.Tech in Textile Engineering from IIT Delhi and have valuable experience in textile industry. They are presently working at Textile Research & Application Development Centre (TRADC) which is a state of the art research & application centre of pulp & fibre business, Aditya Birla Group catering to requirements of entire value chain since its inception in year 2004.