Yarn dyed stripes, Checks and filfil look fabrics occupy a major portion of the formal wear fabric sector. The preferred blend is 100% cotton. Although these fabrics have a great look, the manufacturing process have to be very lengthy and costly which ultimately leads to higher lead-time & send these fabrics to premium market ends. In the current competitive market scenario where the lead time are squeezing and the consumer demands cost effective fabric with better USP. The current market driving factor is comfortable fabric with comfortable price range. The continual price rise in cotton again poses a greater challenge to the sector.

In an effort to ease the current scenario, we at TRADC have come out with a concept of producing the aforesaid styles through piece dyeing route with a combination of cotton yarn with regenerated cellulosic based yarns like Viscose, Modal or Excel.

In TRADC, we have conducted small scale trials to explore the fancy yarn dyed look self pattern design with fabric dyeing route on fabrics made from Cotton & Cellulose based yarns like Viscose or Excel.


Research shows that regenerated cellulosic fibers have more dye pick up compared to cotton. They produce brighter shades than cotton in same dye bath conditions. This is due to change in the fiber morphology. This differential dye pick up property between Cotton & regenerated cellulose fibers, can be used to create design effects of stripe/checks and fancy pattern look in the fabric through piece dyeing route which are generally created through yarn dyed route by mere play with the yarn combination in the fabric design pattern.

In 100% cotton processing, additional cost is incurred for achieving the desired whiteness values prior to dyeing by bleaching. As whiteness values of the viscose, Modal & Excel fibers are higher compared to that of cotton (Table-1), this step can be omitted and the lower whiteness of cotton can be used to get the effects with lower cost.

Whiteness Value of different fibers

Self Stripe & Check-A New Design Concept in Viscose, Excel & Cotton Blended Fabric