The market

Demand for herbal textiles is increasing in India. However, this industry needs support from the government to survive in the market since it faces strong competition from other textiles. Ayurvastra is believed to strengthen the immune system. Many Ayurveda centres in Bangalore are asking their patients to use Ayurvastra for healthy living. The Handloom Weavers' Development Society produces a variety of home textiles using herbal fabrics in India. They also export herbal clothing like saris, bed sheets and dress materials to the United States of America, Italy, United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, Jordan, Germany, Taiwan and Saudi Arabia. With increasing demand for herbal clothing, companies such as Ayurvastraonline have started offering products online.

The state government and Central ministries in India are promoting herbal textiles as it will increase the market for handloom industries which will create a niche market for eco-friendly fabrics. Not only the government but researchers must also contribute in developing these textiles and bring in innovations. The positive point that favours this industry is the affordability of these textiles. The cost of production is low so the price of these textiles is also comparatively less.




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