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Piezo bimorph is constructed by two pieces of piezo ceramic piece, with a piece of carbon fiber or other material in the middle of them. If give voltage to the bimorph, the ceramic pieces will bend when one layer expands while the other contracts.

Today you will find piezo bimorphs in a host of specialist application areas, including ultrasonic atomizers, transducers, printing technologies, pneumatic valves, textile machinery and many more. We could close co-design and co-development relationships with our customers.

Dimension (mm):

Length: 52.0±0.15mm
Wide: 7.1±0.1mm
Fiber exposed length: 3.4±0.2mm
End thickness of the copper of twin lamella: 0.70±0.10mm


Series & Parallel bimorphs: high sensitivity and cost efficient

Examples of applications:

  • Sensor systems (airbag)
  • Printing technologies
  • Ultrasonic atomizers
  • Ultrasonic transducers
  • Viscosity measurement systems
  • Flow measurement systems

Carbon-fibre or metal re-inforced bimorphs: high force/deflection ratio and extremely long life-time

Examples of applications:

  • Pneumatic valves for industrial and automotive applications
  • Valves in medical applications
  • Insuline pumps
  • Braille keys for the blind
  • Energy harvesting in car-tyres
  • Textile machinery
  • Optical switches

We could supply custom-made solutions.

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