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The prestigious and illustrious LNJ Bhilawara group was incepted in the year 1961 by the renowned Shri. L N Jhunjhunwala. Since 1961 it has emerged as a leading conglomerate with diversified business in different sectors such as textiles, graphite electrodes, power generation, power engineering, and consultancy services, and steel and IT enabled services. RSWM LTD falls under the patronage of the LNJ Bhilwara Group. RSWM LTD. has various companies honing up the art of manufacturing cotton, synthetic, blended, mélange, and specialty yarns and fabrics. It exports yarns and fabrics to more than 60 countries. And this has helped RSWM LTD. in acquiring an eminent presence over the textile world. The LNJ Bhilwara Group is US $ 700 million conglomerate with a workforce of over 25,000 and owning more than 20 units located at the most strategic locations in India.

RSWM LTD.’s LNJ Denim Division is primarily built around the three pillars that are Precision, Innovation and Quality, or PIQ as we call it. Innovation is a beaconing force in development, precision as the essence of the manufacturing process and quality as the ultimate criterion for every product that is marketed. LNJ Denim firmly believes in living with the times and that is the reason we constantly put in efforts to come with the newest trends and also keep pace with the market forces. We always strive to come out with contemporary products and we have a dedicated and skilled team of research and development professionals. At LNJ Denim a stringent process is followed in choosing resources, raw material to human resource as this forms the backbone of our industry.

At LNJ Denim we apply the best technology available in the market today. We work with the state-of-the-art machinery and it acts as a catalyst to take us further on the road of success.  The company also has a special team totally dedicated in exploring the new vistas in the textile industry. The team is called the “Denim Intelligence Group” and strives to come up with new innovations. We have some brilliant people employed with us who look after the technical aspect of the production. Our products are the outcome of enduring and scrupulous process of manufacturing that assures exceptional quality.

We manufacture 13.5 million mts / annum denim fabric, which comes in many colors such as indigo, pure sulphur colors, red & purple indigo, green cast, black, etc.  The denim finish is in regular, mill wash, flat, coated or over-dyed. We manufacture natural fiber blended denim out of silk, bamboo, etc as well.

We have set out on an endless endeavor of innovation and exploring wide varieties in denim. Our aim is always to manufacture exceptional quality products, as quality has become synonymous with us.

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