Message from CEO

Mr Toshio Nakashima,

“Founded on the development of the world's first fully automated glove knitting machine, we at SHIMA SEIKI Mfg., Ltd. have continually challenged ourselves to develop innovative technology under our corporate motto "Ever Onward."

Today, focusing on the entire knitwear distribution chain, not simply manufacturing knitting machines, is vital to staying ahead in a competitive flat knitting machine market. One of our key technologies, SDS-ONE APEX3: 3D design system, facilitating virtual sapling, allows retailers to rapidly fine tune knitwear to customer requirements, minimizing wasteful and time consuming conventional sampling.

Our WholeGarment technology also had the potential to reduce waste in knitting. WholeGarment machines expand the range of design and garments fit better. We are in a situation where there is lack of energy, raw materials such as cotton are more expensive and workforce is inadequate.  It is important to develop production methods that can cope with this situation. WholeGarment technology meets these needs.

We at Shima Seiki, on celebrating our 50th anniversary this year, have featured a new complete garment technology including narrow bed models particularly suited to manufacturing children’s clothing, an area with high growth potential, we believe. Our compact size
About Shima Seiki Mfg, Ltd.

Shima Seiki Mfg, Ltd. was established on 4th February, 1962. In year 2012 it stands on capital of 14,859.8 million Japanese Yen with sale of 31,036 million Japanese Yen. Shima Sieki deals into manufacture, sales, marketing and services of computerized flat knitting machines, seamless glove and sock knitting machines, computer graphic systems, CAD/CAM systems and other peripheral equipment.

Shima Seiki has ISO9001 certification for Design and Manufacturing of Design Systems.

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