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Uster Technologies AG News HeadLines
  Uster Quantum 3 yarn clearer beats competition in trials  
May 5, 2015  (Switzerland)
In order to pick the best yarn clearer equipment, Chinese spinner Shandong LiaochengHuarun Textile which produces super fine cotton yarn counts .....
  Uster Jossi Metal Shield helps detect metallic fragments  
February 27, 2015  (Switzerland)
“Reliable detection and removal of metallic fragments with the Uster Jossi Metal Shield is a sure way to safeguard both capital investments and .....
  Total contamination control for Bangla spinners from Uster  
February 7, 2015  (Bangladesh)
Bangladesh imports a major portion of the cotton that is consumed in the country from many sources. Sourcing raw material all over the globe means .....
  ‘Re-testing stored cotton essential to avoid off-quality’  
February 5, 2015  (Switzerland)
The quality of raw cotton declines over time, even when stored in excellent conditions, hence it is essential for spinners to re-test samples before .....
  Uster summit identifies key priorities for Indian textiles  
December 12, 2014  (India)
Key priorities for further development of the Indian textile industry were identified at a three-day Uster ‘Quality University’ event held in Goa .....
  Reputation of spinners depend on quality yarn - Uster  
August 28, 2014  (Switzerland)
“Total customer satisfaction is every spinner’s goal and reputations depend on it. Every critical yarn parameter must be tested to ensure that the .....
  Uster’s technology mix offers auto contamination detection  
July 16, 2014  (Switzerland)
Cleaner cotton makes quality yarns – but how can spinners be sure of removing unwanted contaminants without wasting good fiber or hampering mill .....
  Uster to show new technologies at ITMA ASIA  
April 14, 2014  (China)
Raw cotton is subject to various kinds of contamination, and its removal has long been a headache for quality-conscious spinners. Uster Technologies .....
  Uster hosts ‘Quality University’ in Goa  
February 28, 2014  (India)
For India's textile industry, the future is bright. It's likely that India may ultimately become the world's biggest cotton producer, but quality and .....
  Uster ‘AFIS PRO 2’ tests fibers for spinning optimization  
February 12, 2014  (Switzerland)
Cotton is the world's favorite fiber, and a superb raw material for many textile end-uses. But it is by no means easy to work with – as a natural.....

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