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HYOSUNG is a global leader in a variety of industrial and technology areas that make your lifestyle more convenient and more comfortable. HYOSUNG is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea and production sites in all key markets and a network of sales and marketing offices that span the world.

HYOSUNG operates through the following business areas: Power & Industrial Systems, Industrial Materials, Textiles, Chemicals, Construction, Trading, and Information & Communication.

In fact - from the fibers that make the fabric in your clothes, the materials for the tires and seatbelts that keep you and your car safe and the power transmission lines that provide electricity to your home, to other day-to-day items such as ATM machines, motor, pumps, carpets and plastic wrapping films - HYOSUNG and its innovative products are already closer to you than you think.

Stretching Beyond, It's in our every fiber

HYOSUNG is the largest manufacturer of spandex in the world with its creora® brand and is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. HYOSUNG has continuously demonstrated a commitment to excellence in quality, service, and value to meet the needs of customers. In addition to investment in global assets, HYOSUNG has focused on new innovation to deliver a competitive advantage to their customers and to open new horizons. creora® provides excellence in terms of uniformity and productivity to the customers and also, has distinguished its brand through executing differentiated global marketing activities.

creora® Supply chain excellence

creora® has established manufacturing facilities in Korea, China (Jiaxing, Zuhai, Guangdong, and Quzjou), Turkey, Vietnam, and Brazil to provide high-quality products and better service. We provide "Supply Chain Excellence" through our global production network and warehouse management systems linking all locations for proper inventory levels.

HYOSUNG India Pvt Ltd

The HYOSUNG Group's Indian subsidiary, HYOSUNG India Pvt. Ltd., has a strong dedicated creora® spandex sales and technical service team comprising six managers with cumulative textile industry experience of 76 years

creora® Commitment to excellence in personal hygiene

creora® comfort

  • Higher elongation and softer stretch from creora® comfort polymer
  • Wide range of Dtex or decitex, types & colors
  • Adhesive compatibility and outstanding creep resistance


creora® Power Fit

  • Superior processability
  • Successful compatibility for spandex replacement

Personal Hygiene

Spandex in diapers and adult incontinence products is essential in meeting the fit and containment requirement of end use consumers. If the spandex elastic yarn has a high power or the diapers are produced under high elongation, the pull force would measure high in the final product so that red marks can appear on the consumers' skin. In addition, when the level of the pull force in the diaper is too low caused by inappropriate installed elongation or inadequate elasticity, it can lead to the problem of leakage. Lastly, the functions of fastening and preventing leakage would not work if the elastic thread has poor adhesion properties between hot melt and non-woven.

Diaper manufacturers focus on delivering the best product for consumers as well as maximizing their processability, efficiency, safety for operators & sustainability. HYOSUNG is delivering superior value through reduced cost of elastification with higher elongation (5-10% better), increased draftability and higher power to weight ratio. To deliver increased operating efficiency, creora® offers zero breaks for continuous processing and a wide range of decitex and colors.

Focus on perfect solutions to satisfy our customers

HYOSUNG offers "Total Solution" by providing clients who manufacture hygiene products with automatic yarn delivery system called OETO (Over the End Take Off) equipment to maximize their satisfaction. We maximize production efficiency and customer's satisfaction by installing individually designed OETO equipment and directly providing technical support. OTEO equipment can typically reduce equipment downtime by 15% for production cost savings.

HYOSUNG has partners with major equipment manufacturers to develop next generation creora® spandex as well as with hot melt suppliers to optimize adhesive compatibility.

Regarding safety issues, creora® is approved by human patch test to verify its safety for low chance of skin irritation and sensitization. And also it obtained the certification in the Organotin test, Latex & Talc free test, and OEKO test and so on. creora® can be perfect solution to hygiene product group including baby diaper, adult incontinence as well as sanitary napkin by offering the best elastic thread.

The company is now stepping up the development of creora® spandex product including remarkable functions to bring enhanced comfort and thinner function in the final product, eco-friendly spandex to provide exceptional value to the end-users. "HYOSUNG is Always By Your Side".


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