Through our JOA and BIKOMA brands, Curt G. Joa, Inc. offers expertise and technology for our customers in the hygiene industry. Our current offerings include machines that produce:

  • Baby diapers and pants
  • Adult incontinence briefs and pants
  • Feminine hygiene products (panty liners, sanitary napkins, light incontinence pads and pants)
  • Medical drapes, pads and gowns
  • Specialty products

With our diverse line of equipment, we enable customer growth by delivering value with our solutions, purpose-built to customer-specific applications.

Customer Focus

Diverse Offering – We realize customers' needs change as their organizations grow. Initially, a hygiene products producer will require a machine that can rapidly change from one size to another. As retail opportunities grow, the production needs change to dedicated machines that produce a specific product at ultra-high efficiencies and near-zero scrap. We’ll retrofit the original machine to these new requirements, serving customers as they grow, and providing continuous return on the machine investment.

Increased Efficiency – We provide value to our customers by reducing material costs. Examples of this include reducing start-up scrap, offering turret unwinds without accumulators, delaying a material splice until a roll completely expires and processing thinner material.

Reduced Labor – We design our machines to eliminate operator adjustments, and reduce the number of personnel required to run a machine. In fact, we offer fully-automated options, including our robotic roll loading and unloading. This reduces human intervention and eliminates operator errors and injuries from material handling.


Evolving Technology – We consistently invest in research and development (R&D) to ensure our machines produce modern product features at the highest efficiencies. We offer these processes as machine retrofits, and make our significant R&D resources available to our customers for proprietary projects.

Creative Design – Our engineering team has the education and experience to provide multiple process options, purpose-built to your specific requirements for production speed and product design.

Local Support – We offer the expertise of our assembly crews, process technicians and engineering staff during machine installations and start-ups. This means you will have a dedicated engineering project manager and senior service technician in your facility to oversee the entire process. And, our expert team remains available through the entire life of the machine for general consulting. Technical staff is located in India for local support.

Partnership Benefits

Direct Access – As our customer, we provide direct access to an Indian-based technical engineer, available seven days a week.

Remain Independent – As a privately-owned company, we are free from influence from others in the market. We remain committed to protecting the right to practice, both honoring and respecting our relationships.

Respect Confidentiality – Final assembly and testing are carried out in closed bays, where the confidentiality of each customer’s project is carefully guarded. In addition, we also maintain off-site assembly facilities where confidential process development, performance testing, sample runs and customer training all take place, securely.


Global Support – With operations in the USA, Germany and India, we offer on-site electrical and technical support in hours, not days.

Machine Shop/Replacement Parts – For optimum control of costs, quality and delivery, we produce components both in Germany and the United States. This means we can manufacture and ship emergency parts around the clock.

Custom Engineering – Our innovative expertise continues to provide competitive advantages for customers. Bring your production problem to us, and we’ll develop a solution specific to your request.


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