From the fibre and flat filament yarn through to dyed textured yarns, Trevira GmbH (Germany) is the only supplier in the world that offers the complete range of polyester products from the one source. Fields of application are hygiene textiles and technical applications, home and household textiles, automotive interiors and apparel. Trevira is a member of the Indorama Ventures PCL group.

Trevira products for the nonwovens market

One focus of Trevira is the development and manufacturing of polyester, PLA and bicomponent fibres for nonwovens applications like hygiene, filtration, insulation, construction, paper industry, composites, food packaging, energy storage systems, cleaning textiles and many other products:

  • Bicomponent fibres for thermal bonding, used in hygiene articles such as napkins and ladies toiletries, and nonwovens, e.g. for insulation and filtration materials in the automotive sector.
  • Special types for hydro-entangled nonwovens for the manufacture of wet and cosmetic wipes, but also increasingly in technical applications.
  • Fibres made from biolpolymers (PLA/Ingeo): Fibres made from renewable plant compounds for various applications.

Trevira intends to further expand the programme for shortcut fibers, e.g. for paper and filtration materials. These fiber types are also available in a flame retardant version.

The company has recently also brought a new development onto the market which supplies the fibers with a particularly soft handle. The modification in raw material employed can be used for all polymers and is already commercially available for polyester and PLA products. Alongside technical applications, potential for the new development is expected primarily in the field of hygiene.

Today’s standard bicomponent fiber programme contains already a series of raw material combinations such as PET/Co-PET, PET/PE and PET/PBT. Trevira is currently working on new modifications to meet the needs and technical demands of customers. These include i. e. flame retardant modified bicomponent fiber types for technical applications or fine titres for the filtration sector.

Advantages of Trevira fibers

Polyester fibers like Trevira have the advantage that they can be designed according to their purpose, without the need to apply chemical surface treatments. Trevira fibers are very versatile and suit practically every end use. In close cooperation with its customers, Trevira develops new products to fit their application. A large number of these are customized fiber types for very specific products and customers. One general key feature the customers are looking for is consistency in the high quality they expect from the fibres. Trevira also caters for demands in terms of specific properties or modifications to support customers in improving their processes and products. Important criteria are also properties meeting the demand for ecological features and sustainability.

"Polyester fibers are employed in practically all fields of nonwoven applications,” says Hartmann Huth, Head of the Business Unit Staple Fibres at Trevira . “We see two driving forces in the development of the nonwovens markets: technological progress and the global megatrend of sustainability. New products require new materials, increasingly for technical applications. For example: The new energy storage technologies need new battery separators – these are also made with the use of polyester fibers. Due to rising living standards we also see growth in hygiene products like femcare, diapers and incontinence articles. Our focus lies on customized specialties and niche products."

An integral part of Trevira’s corporate policy within the Indorama Ventures Group is sustainability, reflected in the development initiatives, the choice of the materials used as well as the processes. Trevira fibers are environmentally friendly in the way they are manufactured, and some years ago, the company had introduced fibers made from biopolymers (IngeoTM by NatureWorks) for hygiene products and technical nonwovens applications. The fact that most functions of Trevira fibres and yarns are inherent makes them an ecological alternative to materials which have to be treated chemically of physically in subsequent processes.


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