Trützschler's extended range of carding technologies

When it comes to web quality, the web forming process is in the center of attention. The card opens the last remaining fiber tufts and forms the fiber mat. The more homogeneous the web, the better the end product quality.

Depending on the fiber material and the desired properties of the end product, an appropriate card type and configuration should be selected. A “one size fits all” approach is definitely not working in the carding process.

Trützschler Nonwovens therefore offers a broad range of carding technologies. The T-WEB card program comprises various roller card configurations, a specialized random card for forming webs with a high random layer and an airlay card for processing short fibers.

The latest addition is a particular roller card for high-speed spunlacing applications. A new layout with a larger pre-opener and a double transport section opens the door to line speeds of some 300 m/min at the winder. The re-design significantly enlarges the carding area and delivers higher productivity without compromising on web quality.

The high-speed card offers Trützschler’s proven doffing solutions: your choice is between parallel webs, condensing or random rollers. Furthermore the card incorporates our Clean Card concept to ensure a high machine availability. Various design features reduce the risk of fiber contamination and allow for easy handling.



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