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Why singeing and what is being singed?

It goes without saying that we, as a manufacturer of singeing machines, would like to convince you that the singeing process is extremely important for the final result of a large number of cloth qualities. But it is an objective fact that singeing is a must when special effects are to be achieved, or to improve the production conditions for certain finishing steps.

During the singeing process, fibers which are not tied in threads or in the cloth are burned or turned to gas through the action of thermal energy, normally by means of a flame. This means that a fabric surface is achieved which is virtually free of hairs and fibers.

Singeing should be carried out with all cloth qualities made of spun yarns if this is made necessary by requirements such as desired wear properties or subsequent processing conditions.


Controlled Combustion
One Idea Leads to Worldwide Success

Progressive thinking, development and comprehensive know-how combined with decades of experience in the field of singeing machine construction are the cornerstones for the success of Osthoff-Senge.

Walter Osthoff, the founder of the company, paved the way for the change in the technology of singeing back in 1912, with his invention of the high-performance burner with controlled combustion. Since then the controlled combustion system has been constantly developed and improved by further innovations up to today's built Double Jet slot burner, protected throughout the world by patents.

Not only in the field of singeing burners had Osthoff-Senge set standards. In 1971 already, at the Paris ITMA, the first programming device for singeing machines SENG-MATIC was presented.

1991 at the Hannover ITMA, a hairiness measuring device HAMSAT was first shown to the public. A device for optical measurement and monitoring of fabric hairiness, and the process control in dependence of that value. Besides reliability and multi-purpose use, those developments have contributed to the fact that Osthoff singeing machines are integrated parts of continuously operating pretreatment and bleaching ranges of all well-reputed manufacturers for years already.


Similarly, in the field of singeing machine accessories Osthoff-Senge sets high standards of technical development. The development of sophisticated dust extractors and impregnation units represents a logical extension to Osthoff fabric singeing machine, not only from the point of view of economy and reliability but the dust-free cloth entry system sets new standards in the working environment.

In the field of environment protection Osthoff-Senge also set the trend. Since 1990 exhaust air purification units based on the catalytic after burning system are successfully built.

Over and above all this, as a reliable partner for the textile industry, we offer a comprehensive service and maintenance package. In over 100 countries, to which we have exported about 3000 singeing machines so far, we provide experienced application technicians to meet our customers' requirements. Their specialist instruction and advice when Osthoff singers are commissioned always guarantee that our products are used with successful results. The first-class quality of our products and the respect and satisfaction of our international clientele have resulted in Osthoff-Senge's position as today's world leader in the market for the manufacture of singeing machines.

Innovation and Ideas in Singeing Technology

In the age of industrialization, modernization and rationalization of production processes, there have also been many changes in the various fields of textile finishing.

For example, the problem of environmental protection at the workplace can only be solved with the help of "clean" technology. This requirement is met by the dust-free cloth entry system, combined with mechanical fabric cleaning. The beneficial effect of the singers can be further increased by the use of appropriate accessories, such as cloth accumulators, specially developed impregnation and wetting compartments, and suitable delivery devices.

To meet the needs of modern industrial management qualified expert knowledge must frequently be replaced by program controlled, fully automatic machines.

Ultra-modern, efficient singeing and pre-treatment lines have superseded the simple singeing machine. Many steps which used to be carried out separately are nowadays executed continuously in one process. The singeing machines and accessory products developed by Osthoff-Senge offer state of the art technology allowing to having an economic edge over the competition.

Cleaned to perfection with VIBRA-PLUS

Fibers, fluff, lint, and dust create serious problems in all finishing processes, and they are also harmful to health.

The latest version of the VIBRA-PLUS guarantees optimal cleaning results without over-stressing the fabric. The cleaning rollers are driven by inverter-controlled AC-motors. The standard VI BRA-PLUS is equipped with 2 combined beating/brushing rollers. On request, units with 4 rollers are available. Instead of the combined cleaning rollers, the VIBRA-PLUS may be supplied with beating rollers, full-brush rollers or FLEX-rollers. The elements are always arranged over the full width and not with staggered segments. High vibration loosen the impurities, they are peeled away and thrown into the air stream of the exhaust ducts arranged over the full width on both fabric sides. The angle of attack of the cleaning rollers can be adjusted. Fabric, cleaning rollers, and air stream move in the same direction supporting each other and guaranteeing a perfect cleaning with minimal stress. Another key factor for the high efficiency of the VI BRA-PLUS is the consequential separation of fabric and dust loaded air. The extracted dust and dirt is collected in filter bags, cyclone filters or air washers.

The Singeing Machine
Information on Osthoff Burner Technology

In order to guarantee the same high-performance singeing results for all fiber qualities the direct singeing system forms the technological basis in Osthoff singeing machines. High demands are made on technical performance of singeing machines not only by animal, vegetable and regenerated fiber qualities, but particularly by fabrics made of synthetic fibers, and blended fiber fabrics. The direct, intensive singeing flame, the short contact period between flame and cloth, and the ignition flame temperature, necessary for vaporization of polyesters, all represent decisive advantages within the Osthoff singeing system.

Energy Supply to Osthoff Singeing Machines

Singeing burners are most often fueled with gas. The Osthoff-Senge DOUBLE-JET burner is suitable for any type of gas. If direct gas supply is not available, Osthoff-Senge delivers units to gasify petrol, kerosene and naphtha. Besides the burner construction, the correct gas: air mixture is decisive for the flame quality. Osthoff-Senge uses proportional mixing devices, guaranteeing a constant ratio, independent of the amount of mixture fed to the burners.

The Heart of the Osthoff Singeing Machine

Osthoff-Senge use high-performance DOUBLE-JET burners in all machine types. Developed by ourselves, and patented world-wide, they allow Osthoff-Senge to set high standards for the quality of the singeing flame generated in the burner, which is the key function of the entire installation.




The essential features of the DOUBLE-JET burner include:

  • Equal distribution of the mixture by means of a series of expansion and compression chambers.
  • Uninterrupted flame band achieved by exit of the gas-air mixture from two parallel slot nozzles.
  • Generation of a homogenous flame by ideal combustion of the gas-air mixture within the combustion chambers formed of molded ceramic bricks.
  • Generation of a highly concentrated, high-energy flame: the prime requirement for singeing textile materials of natural, regenerated and synthetic fibers.

These properties clearly distinguish the DOUBLE-JET burner from conventional burners, in terms of reliability, precision, performance, capacity, and energy consumption.

Singeing Technology

Osthoff-Senge has developed singeing machines with a variety of singeing positions in order to meet the range of requirements for textile finishing. The choice of model is dependent on the quality of the textiles to be processed and the type of singeing to be achieved.

Singeing onto free-guided fabric

The singeing flame meets the free-guided fabric at right angles as the fabric passes between two guide rollers. This position is recommended for materials made of 100% natural fibers and for blended fabrics which have been thoroughly beaten, with weights over 125 g/m2.

The singeing flame meets the fabric at right angles as it is bent over a water-cooled roller. The choice of this position is recommended for qualities of fabric composed of temperature sensitive fibers, open-weave blended fabrics and those with weights of less than 125 g/m2.

The singeing flame passes close to the fabric with the jet direction being at a tangent to the fabric surface. This singeing process is recommended for all materials which cannot tolerate direct exposure to flame. Tangential singeing can also equalize protruding fibers and repair filament breaks.

In addition to the singeing position the singeing effect can also be influenced by variation of key singeing parameters namely speed, flame intensity and distance of the fabric from the burner. These are readily adjusted and monitored making the process more precise and reproducible.

Automatic Flame Width Adjustment

Automatic adjustment of the flame width is a logical development in singeing machines, especially with regard to energy conservation.

The appropriate width of flame is automatically defined by setting the cloth guiders to the cloth width.

The intensity of the flame is also adapted automatically to these values by means of the integrated intensity adjustment mechanism.

Singeing Machines Safety

Osthoff singeing machines conform to the strictest German safety regulations. When delivered abroad, the safety features of Osthoff singeing machines can be adapted to the standards and guidelines of the country in question.


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