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  Fabric Trends 2003 by Meher Castelino

There is a lot of mix and match, romantic sporty or romantic urban looks along with a little bit of adventure for the fabric scene. Denim and all its derivatives remain an important basis.
 Development in Silk Finishing

Silk fibre is defined as a smooth, lusturous and elastic filament of small diameter, which is recovered from cocoons made by caterpillars for protection during the somnolent period when they are changing into moths. It is the only natural filament that man does not have to spin before it can be used for textile fabrics, but only to double and twist the long continuous strand.

 Testing Corner

When dyeing polyester with disperse dyes a dyer has to select the dyes to achieve level dyeing, good exhaustion, adequate penetration and cover up variations in dyeing due to fibre differences to the maximum possible extent.
 Success Story : Pretreatment & speciality finishes

Pretreatment and specialty finishes for 100% polyester fabric.
By Mr. Raosaheb Desai - Asst. Sales Manager, Surat

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Biotech Corner


The constant need for high performance textiles in new application 
areas like the field of medicine, space technology, electronics, 
geotextiles, nuclear power, sports etc.


 World Fair For Apparel Production Technology & Textile Processing

Self Improvement
1. Create a Sense of Urgency. If we don't change and change soon, we will die. 

New - Rossari's Lab 
We are glad to inform our Rossera readers about a 
new addition to the group activities. A new division - Rossari Labtech is set up for dealing in laboratory machines, under the helm of Mr. Suresh Puntambekar.