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About us

“PYRAMID” as the name suggests is a triangular alliance , of three companies , coming together on the same platform converging to single point to reach at the top by providing best quality products and making continuous innovations.

We at Pyramid believe that a successful growth is driven by quality service and synthesis of advanced technology , process and people. And to achieve this Pyramid has employed more than 500 people with various skills which help us innovate products that are unique from the market.

The mainstream range of products promoted by us includes Reactive Dyes , Range of Turq. Blues , Disperse Dyes , Direct Dyes & Pigments. We are committed to supply innovative products of the highest quality with continuos testing of the products.

Mission: To set up our existence in every country and set up a perfect supply chain worldwide

Vision:To become the preferred solution provider for Reactive Dyes ; Disperse Dyes : Direct Dyes ; Turquoise Blues ; Pigments, Food Colors & Natural Colors.

Values in Business: We are guided by our age-old values of : Honesty in dealing with customers, Integrity in what we do, Ethics before profits, Reliability for an everlasting relationships. We see our strength and uniqueness lies in adopting and implementing this value-based system to achieve our client's trust in the contemporary business environment.

Infrastructure: We are strengthened by our manufacturing unit that is equipped with sophisticated machines that enable us to handle orders of various size and specifications with ease. Our work force consists of highly talented workers who have rich industrial experience and a zeal to excel.

Customisation: We have adequate facilities to provide customised products to our clients to precisely meet their specific requirements. That’s why ,our Products have shown a wide and well performance not only nationwide , but also in the International market.


Manish Shah : Managing Partner , Pyramid Interchem ; Chairman , Mahavir Col Chem Pvt. Ltd
Vishal Doshi : Managing partner , Pyramid Interchem ; Chairman , Dynasty Industries
Dhawal Bhatia : Managing Partner , Pyramid Interchem ; C.E.O , Raja Dye Chem