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Amino Silicone Emulsions

Resonance offers with RESOMINE series, a wide range of Amino Silicone Emulsions which are ideal softeners for cotton and synthetic fabrics.These water soluble emulsions achieve excellent softness, luster , drape , handle and abrasion resistance to all fabrics. Further, with Amino Silicon Emulsions, these properties are permanent.They owe this ability to the affirmity of the amino groups to the fibers, which promotes optimum orientation of the silicones on the substrate, thus guaranteeing an ideal soft handle.

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Have you ever wondered what gives your cloths the jazzy colours ? What gives the printer you use with your desktop the multicoloured printing ? The answer to all this is Dyes. No doubt Dyes today has evolved into a multi billion dollar industry. Almost all the colours that you see today are Natural or Synthetic Dyes. They are widely used for dyeing and printing in a broad range of industries like the fabric industry.

Natural Dyes are derived from plants, minerals, insects, and shellfish and give color to textile materials such as yarn, food, paper, cosmetics, and cloth. Natural dyes contain natural coloring matter. which are neither carcinogenic nor hazardous to environment, The colors are soothing to eyes, earthly, warm and highly appealing. Natural Dyes has wide range of application to color or dye on cotton, wool, silk, and linen.

Synthetic Dyes can be primarily made from aniline or chrome. Aniline dyes are obtained from chemical processes and is defined as a class of synthetic, organic dyes. Today the term dye is almost synonymous with any reference of synthetic organic dye or pigment. Although the synthetic dye production when it came into being was basically for serving the textile industry but many subsequent applications later on has been developed. Today synthetic dyes are used in a multitude of industries that includes the following besides textiles viz. Medicine, chemistry, and other related fields.

Resonance offers with RESOFIX range the complete basket of Reactive Dyes in ME,M,H,HE,M & P series.

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Denim Washing Enzymes

Modern Denim washing, fading & bio-polishing is achieved with cellulase enzymes. Enzymes are classified as Neutral, Acid and Biopolishing Enzyme available in both powder & liquid form. Biopolishing Cellulase is used to remove protruded fibers or pills from the fabric / garment surface thus effecting a polished look and enhancing luster, colour value and hand feel of the fabric.These enzymes are also widely known as Antipilling enzymes.

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Pigment Printing

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