About Sarmangal Synthetics

We are glad to introduce ourselves as manufacturers of 100% Polyester dyed yarns, Melange Yarns, C/P Yarns and colour yarns.

Sarmangal Synthetics was established in the year 1996 to meet the growing demands of a changing market. A spinning plant for blended synthetics (using polyester and viscose) with state-of-the-art machines and a team of experienced professionals. What more can the market ask for?

Company History and Profile

Sarmangal Synthetics is part of a group which dates back to the seventies. With the moral vision of our Chairman and dedicated efforts of our Managing Director has proven to nurture the company as a whole and we take pride in saying that we are one of the pioneers in the Melange yarn segment in India.

Our product range

  • All dyed 100% Polyester, C/P blended & Melange yarns from 18’s to 40’s count in both single and double
  • Fancy slub yarns in count range of 18’s to 40’s on both C/P and PSF.

Infrastructure and Expertise

At Sarmangal Synthetics, we have always given priority to quality of the product and customer satisfaction. In order to provide the best of both, one has to use the best machineries and infrastructure and a dedicated team for every department and that’s exactly what we have.

  • We have the all new Schlafhorst Autoconer X5 equipped with ‘Thermo splicers’ to produce knotless single/ two folded yarns to match the TFO yarn quality.
  • We also have the latest German (Trutzschler) Blow-room, DK cards and Reiter draw frames.
  • Our workforce of 600+ consist of workers who are the most skilled in their respective jobs and therefore the best quality is achieved.
  • The success to our Endeavour can be attributed to three vital factors namely our strict adherence to world class quality, our benchmarking of productivity & our professional team work.
  • Zellweger Uster, Switzerland had released the global benchmarking system - "Uster Statistics 2001" for yarn quality. Yarns made by us when compared with the rigorous Uster 5% Statistics norm revealed that we are achieving the Uster quality levels consistently.Quality is the key to growth. It is also the key to acceptance, especially in a competitive environment

Marketing Network and Clientele

  • Our production and marketing strategies have been geared towards niche markets. The market for the product (CP and PSF dyed yarn) is extensive.
  • We cater to the corporate sector of the Indian market segment. And we are about a decade old in the line of blended yarn business.
  • We have been exporting blended yarns to Europe, Far East, Eastern Europe, Egypt, Dubai, Turkey, Belgium, Spain, Israel, Sri Lanka and South East Asian countries.
  • We have been investing periodically on R&D for gearing our organization for the changing market times.
  • Our regular counts are 18’s-40’s dyed CP and PSF both single and double, fancy yarn like slub & magic both dyed CP and PSF.

Product Applications

  • Dress Material
  • Shirting
  • Suiting
  • Sheeting
  • Furnishings