Company Profile
Intex Consulting GmbH is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution provider for the textile industry located in Wuppertal / Germany. Since our founding in 1995, we have been able to acquire well-known companies as long-term customers. The extended management team has more than 20 years of professional experience in this industry. Due to our dynamic growth, we have attained a leading position on the international market as well and run our own subsidiaries in Brazil, China, India and Thailand. In addition, we have built a cooperation network with industry known and internationally-operating partners. We area a global SAP partner as well. We offer not only the software but also solutions and improvement suggestions for complex textiles scenarios. The Intex system is designed to enable a fast reacting, flexible and innovative textiles company. This gives you the competitive edge on the market

Our Range Of Services

Intex Consulting GmbH develops business software solutions that make a contribution to further enhance your competitiveness as a modern textile company. We integrate these solutions into your existing organizational and technical environment. This way, we secure your investment in existing applications and create perspectives for a new and comprehensive ERP solution. We believe in specialization and have focused our company activities and know-how specifically on the textile manufacturing industry. With this specialization, we want to become your preferred partner for your business software solutions. Our core product is the integrated standard ‘ERP’ business solution. Being a complete solution for the thorough and transparent illustration of commercial and technical processes, is an ideal solution for textile manufacturers.


  • German company founded in 1995; Know-how based on more than 20 years of professional experience
  • Specialized in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Plant Data Collection (PDC, monitoring)
  • Highly-qualified, international staff with many experts who are very familiar with any topic concerning textile production
  • More than 100 projects worldwide



  • Redesigning of business processes
  • Process optimization
  • Software development
  • mplementation
  • Training


Intex is a fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP), tailored made for the textile industry. Intex ERP Software aids in managing the complete value chain from yarns to confection and to focus on the best textile production planning solution. It systematically links all your business processes with a textile knowledge database and real-time information of the machines in a system enabling precise and faster decisions. Intex works with modules and is scalable to your needs. Developed in Germany by experts, this software is designed, programmed and tested with German care and precision. This smartly created device reduces manual labor, saves cost as well as helps in becoming leaner and faster so that you can use your power more efficiently. Not only are we interested in creating a leading edge solution, but we want to guarantee you the greatest possible Intex provides you with a solution for all areas and takes over the integration of the systems, so you do not have to worry about any technical aspects. As the software is specially developed for textile companies, no complex adjustment programming or complicated settings are needed. The software is client-capable and designed for the international use. You can map complicated tax regulations and different measuring units at the same time. Multiple clients can access common master data. Transactions within a corporate group are simplified by means of special intercompany processes. To keep your system constantly up-to-date, we regularly release new software versions, which can be downloaded over the internet. The installation of the update is fast and easy. Upon request, we provide a monitoring system that can detect problems in time and informs the person responsible.

The unique features of Intex

  • Transparency and reliable information (internal and external) with ‘360° view' towards your partner extends your service level
  • Optimized and reprocessed process-flow attains less lead- and reaction time
  • Transparent cost structure leads to effective controlling
  • Reduced material consumption and stocks lead to lower capital lock up
  • Improved efficiency and resources allocation meliorates your profit
  • Ongoing quality assurance through all process and logistic areas reduce returns and claims


Intex All-in-One Designed for SAP®-ERP

Intex All-in-One is the optimal solution for the textile industry which is an amalgamation of Intex highly qualified consulting service and ERP solution of world-market leaders SAP. It covers all specific aspects of the textile industry in one product. Intex All-in-One expands SAP ERP by many textile specific functions such as master data administration, pre-calculation, cut optimization, maintenance, invoicing, and others. It also delivers additional tools tailored to the textile industries’ needs. Additionally, Intex All-in-One includes an entire Manufacturing Execution System (MES). It takes the current manufacturing situation on the machine and the finite capacity into consideration, by evaluating the live data being delivered from the Production Data Acquisition (PDA) system. This increases the reliability of the delivery date and optimizes the production. Intex is an end-to-end solution; it supports you from the initial idea to product development, Material Management, Production Planning, Production Data Acquisition, Purchase, Costing, Quality Assurance, Scheduling, Sale and Logistics. Every area is systematically catered by our experts. We have a rich experience in delivering optimized software. We offer proven experience in process optimization in the textile industry. Our standardized software introduction process delivers fast and lean projects. We not just help you until you are productively using our software, but we stay with you, offer support and help you in adapting the constantly changing market situation.