Brandix India Apparel City ( BIAC) offers a unique one-stop shop, with end-to-end apparel solutions; It is a veritable ‘Paradise’ for the global apparel industry, with a host of attractive financial and operational incentives for investors and procedural ease for facilitating investment.

Brandix India Apparel City (BIAC) recognized as a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) by the Government of India, is a duty free enclave and treated as a foreign territory for trade and manufacturing operations

Location : Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India      |      Area : 1000 Acre

Close proximity to key infrastructure gateways - the seaport and international airport and the road network.

  Fiber - to Store concept: benefits all members of BIAC.
  Planned placement of unit offers unmatched speed – an essential element for Apparel Industry.
  ‘Real Time Connectivity and Seamless Integration’
  • No delay in sourcing and receiving material.
  • All units connected with ERP network.
  Right Cost - Most competitive price location   Total Convenience
  • Benefits of Economic scale
  • SEZ – Fiscal benefits
  • Competitive utility cost
  • Efficiency & saving in front end cost
  • Centralised logistics
  • Banking facility
  • Common ETP & WTP.
  • No increase in Power,water & other cost for
    5 years.
  • No travelling, no sourcing hassles, No time waste
  • World class supply chain partner
  • Full fledged industrial city, with all amenities and
    facilities provides Plug & Play Infrastructure where
    investors can simply setup shop immediately.

BIAC provides all requirements for apparel production in single location. An internal single window clearance facility where businesses within BIAC can get quick go-aheads, speedier documentation processing, and authorizations from a single point.

The availability of world class facilities and conveniences like training institutions, banks, recreational and townships amenities

  Absolute Assurance

  BIAC offers one of the most environmentally friendly locations to operate your unit. It provides the best of both
  worlds- operating ease as well as environmental and socially conscious policies implemented far beyond the
  established standards.

  Industrial units within the park can make use of the multi-million dollar Effluent Treatment Plant for responsible
  sewage discharge, a Water Treatment Plant which recycles and purifies water to drinking standard, and a
  Rainwater Harvesting Unit for production purposes.

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