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Where physical and financial supply chains meet

GT Nexus connects the physical and financial supply chains. This allows buyers and sellers, and financial institutions & logistics providers to work together over a common platform with a single, consistent, up-to-date information source supporting multiple supply chain functions.

It takes a network

The most comprehensive solution for supply chain network orchestration.


The Fusion of Physical and Financial Supply Chains

There is a disconnect between the supply chain and finance organizations, resulting in supplier failures, higher costs, and inability to meet demand. When physical and financial supply chains are fused, working capital becomes a strategic weapon, allowing companies to inject cash where it’s needed, when it’s needed.


What our customers say about GT Nexus

In a single automated environment, we receive orders, submit invoices and receive funding from RTS International, a finance provider on the network. We know exactly when we will get paid, and it’s within days.

Rakibur Rahman
General Manager, Shore to Shore

Using GT Nexus, once our shipments leave the factory and we update the system, payment is triggered and we receive 80% of the invoice value from our finance provider, RTS International, through GT Nexus. Additional funds arrive later. It is fast and reliable, and it has improved our relationships with our customers.

Bruce Li
Vice President, Xie Cheng

Connecting to the GT Nexus platform allows us to access financing at rates based on the financial strength of our customers overseas. We receive funds within days instead of waiting weeks on extended payment terms. Removing this financial pressure frees us up to deliver better service to customers and grow our business while lowering our costs.

Feger Yu
Manager, Suzhou Chint

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