About Us

Infinium Polychem, a client-oriented company, was built with an aim to provide its clients with top-notch textile-sizing and textile-processing chemicals. Formulated using effective methodologies, our products are innovative and comply with the industry regulations.

Backed by state-of-the-art infrastructure and a highly-dedicated team of professionals, we are continually striving to exceed customer expectations. In this constantly shifting market, we aim to establish our global reputation as a company delivering textile chemical innovation and creating social impact.


Textile Sizing Products
  • Infisize SA4
  • Infisize SPW
  • Infisize S15
  • Infisize SSL
  • Infisize N30
  • Infisize N50
  • Infisize N80
  • Infisize NT30
  • Infisize NT50 & NT25
  • Infisize N SRM
  • Infisize N SVD
Textile Enzyme Products
  • Infizyme LTAA
  • Infizyme MTAA
  • Infizyme HTAA
  • Infizyme WTP
  • Infizyme P
  • Infizyme PKE
  • Infizyme BPC

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