To enhance the shopping experience of the shopping lovers worldwide, the renowned Luster Group presents “3D Magic Mirror”-A virtual dressing room designed for Retailers, Wedding studios, Fashion Designers and Big Boutiques to help them give their customers an ease to choose their attire. This amazing technology helps the consumers virtually try-on the garment without getting undressed.

About us

Luster Group entered the world of fashion with fashion accessories in the year 1991 and since then has been serving this industry with utmost dedication and sincerity, in the year 2004 it took its business a step ahead by entering the stream of woman lingerie earning overwhelming success in the market.

Over the years, the Luster Group has tremendously evolved and in the year 2015 it launched an amazing technology “ 3D Magic Mirror”-A virtual dressing room through which the consumers can virtually try-on the garments without getting undressed.

3D Magic Mirror- Give your customers the best shopping experience

The 3D Magic Mirror is smart technology designed for Clothing stores, sales outlets, wedding studios, movable booth & fashion shows to help them give their customers an intelligent & fashionable dressing experience. It is simple, effective and occupies less space of the store than an actual dressing room as well as reduces stock cost. Its features like Intelligent figure recognition, Automatic figure measurement & size adjustment, Change clothes by hand movements, Fast try-on and Intuitive gesture controlled user interface gives the consumer a perfect idea about their selection. Due to these excellent features, the virtual dressing room saves the consumer’s time and spares him from the tedious work of waiting in long queue to try a garment. This convenient shopping experience inspires the customers to shop again thus increasing the sales of the store.

Luster Group provides a free training session to the clients once the contract is signed to acquaint them with this modern technology. Before shipment, the product is meticulously checked by experts to ensure all the hardware and software function normally. Software updates are available when the company releases a new version for the software. Using internet the users can enjoy free updates for the latest software.