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Style: She 07/629
Item: Boys Tshirt
Label: George  
Fabric: 87% Cotton 13 % Viscose
Size: 1-1 ½ To 11-12
Colour:  Contreast-4 Colours-
(Without Contreast-4 Colours)
Quantity:  Contreast-3000 Pcs-
(Without Contreast-2000 Pcs)
Total: 5000 Pcs
Ladies Printed Tshirt Manufacturers,Ladies Printed Tshirt Exporters, Ladies Tshirt Manufacturers Style: She 04/538
Item: Ladies Printed Tshirt       
Label: Wesc    
Fabric: 100% Cotton   
Rn # 114338
Size:  S To Xl
Colour: 10 Colours
Quantity: 30,000 Pcs
Ladies Rnk Ss Tops,Ladies Rnk Ss Tops Manufacturers,Ladies Rnk Ss Tops Exporters Style: She 06/585
Item: Ladies Rnk Ss Tops
Label: Gegrge  
Fabric: 95% Cotton 5% Spandex
Size: 28 To 50
Colour:  8 Colours
Quantity: 16,000 Pcs
Boys Girls Pk Polo Tshirts Manufacturers,Boys Girls Pk Polo T-shirts Exporters Style: She 06/620
Item: Boys/Girls Pk Polo
Label: George
Fabric: 100 % Cotton
Ca#51122 Upc# 40230177640
Size: 1-1 ½ To 11-12
Colour: 4 Colours
Quantity: Boys-15000 Pcs
            : Girls-15000 Pcs
Toatl Qty: 30,000 Pcs 
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Style: She 07/627

Item: Men A Shirt
3 Pcs Per Pack
Label: Harbor Bay /Canyon Ridge
Fabric:100 % Cotton % Spandex
Rn # 58805 Ca # 42888
Size: Xl  To  6xl
Colour:  3 Colours(White-12000 Pcs, Black-3000 Pcs, -Gry-3000 Pcs)
Quantity: 18000 Pcs
Quantity Dzn: 1500 Dzn

Ladies Tank Top,Ladies Tank Top Manufacturers,Ladies Tank Top Exporters
Style: She 04/539

Item: Ladies Tank Top
Label: Wesc
Fabric: 100% Cotton
Rn # 114338
Size: S To Xl
Colour: 8 Colours
Quantity: 15000 Pcs
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