about us


To be a world class organization, one that become benchmark for others


The mission of our company (Shree Durga Syntex) is to contribute positively to the Economic Growth of India through business and industrial pursuit endeavoring to achieve excellence in all spheres of such activity with effective and efficient management.

» To produce the highest quality products by utilizing the latest technology in the industry.
» To conduct our business responsibly by fulfilling our customer’s expectations with excellence.
» To create a challenging, healthy and safe working environment for our employees.
» To lead our industries in customer satisfaction, quality of production and a commitment to excellence.
» Be an ethical, transparent and responsible global origination.
» Exceed compliances and global quality standard.
» Become a process driven organization.
» Maximize people development initiatives.

Quality Control

Quality is our strength and it is the outcome of continuous innovation through persistent research development. We have full-fledged quality control and process control department where quality of a raw material as well as finished goods is tested. All the products manufactured or procured goes through various stringent testes to assure the quality and consistency of our products. We have a team of qualified professionals who are continuously engaged to produce superior quality fabrics. We employ latest technology and techniques to enhance quality of our products.

Polyester Division

Company is importing PET chips or buying locally from suppliers of international repute. We have a well equipped lab of international standards having equipments imported from Germany and Japan. The yarn manufactured undergoes various tests like denier, uster, tenacity, elongation, %CV, Shrinkage, Oil pick up, Hose Knitting, Dyeing, Nibs/meter, etc.

Raw material tests:

    • Intrinsic Viscosity
    • Carboxyl Group
    • % ASH
    • Chips/gram
    • UV test

Corrugated Box Checking:

We understand that the packing material which carries our valued product should also be of best quality to assure safety of our product. We are equipped with lab which carries various tests, GSM of paper, dimension, B.S and moisture test of corrugated box.

Paper Tube Checking:

We are equipped with lab which carries various tests of paper tube. Paper tube goes through various tests to assure best quality. We carry out dimension, C.S and moisture of paper tube.

In House Services:

Our company has been highly professional in handling various processes in house so as to make sure that we don’t depend on others for various supplies. We highly believe in monitoring various products & their processes so we feel confident about the products we offer.


The company has a great knowledge in energy sector. The company runs the total plant on captive power generation. At present we have our gas based power plant imported from Europe of m/s G.E’S Jenbacher for captive use and we have GEB power facilities as standby arrangement. Gas being an Eco Friendly fuel and is available cheap.


Our system ensures fast delivery and proper tracing of the goods in transit. Our delivery systems have been error free till now.