About us

Accredited with ISO 9001:2008 certification, Shree Ram Textile is an acclaimed Weaving Machines WARP STOP MOTION Manufacturer offering dedicated services since 1957. Our 6 decades of presence in this industry has helped us acquire expertise in producing high-end warp stop motion accessories. Since our inception our main focal point has been the satisfaction of our customers which we strive to achieve by delivering excellent products and services.

Our strength lies in our manufacturing capabilities; using high-end technologies we have been able to produce bulk and qualitative range as per the requirements of our clients. Our plant is equipped with all the requisite tools and machines needed to develop high standard warp stop motion accessories.

To stop a loom when a warp thread breaks, we manufacture a wide array of WARP STOP MOTION accessories which includes Mechanical Warp Stop Motion, Electrical Warp Stop Motion, Contact Bar for Imported Looms, Serrated Bar (Moving Bar) plain, Cimmco, Ruti 'B' & 'C', and related accessories. These high quality products are suitable for indegenious and imported weaving machines. They have excellent features like high pressure die-casting bracket assembly with anti-corrosion resistance body, Electronic PCB for row wise LED Display for warp breakage, By-pass option for warp breakage indication with continuous production and Control box with electro-magnetic plunger.

We have recruited skilled technicians to supervise our manufacturing process to ensure an error free production. Our warp stop motion accessories are strong, durable and excellent in performance. They stop the loom right on time and prevent the cloth from getting damaged because of yarn break and thus increases the productivity of the weavers.

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