Silco S.A is a trading company, incorporated by a group of professionals involved in trading of Textile raw materials and commodities since 1980. The company deals into the business of import and export of fibre, yarn and fabrics. With its Headquarters in Switzerland, the textile business line of the company has branches and subsidiaries in the main markets Turkey, Morocco and Algeria. The company sources and delivers supreme quality textile products from various quality manufacturers across the world.

Silco S. A Focuses on quality, reliability and continuity of its services rendered to customers. It also believes in maintaining a good relation with its suppliers and stakeholders. It takes pride in keeping excellent relations with a continuously increasing customer base, which the company has served for more than 20 years. The company procures its products from the leading manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that they supply premium quality products to the customers. Silco S.A. not only procures and presents the goods that are demanded by its customers but also maintains an inventory of goods to be delivered to customers when needed; this greatly reduces inventory costs of customers and has also an advantage of shortening procurement cycles. Apart from domestic market watch, our surveillance is also on Global textile market to ensure check on fluctuations and innovations in textile industry. Silcotex are subsidiaries of Silco S.A. in its major markets. These companies, which are established locally to serve customers with readily available customs cleared goods, maintain a constant inventory tailored to the changing situations in their markets and adjusted according to the needs and availability. The company always looks forward to give on-time delivery and quality products to its customers.

We distribute:

  • 100 % Cotton like Voile & 100 % Viscose like Rayon Challis & Voile & 100% Polyester Filament like Hi Multi etc...
  • Grey Fabric from our ware house in Bursa Turkey, for garment and home textile industries.