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About us:

World Fashion Exchange (WFX) is the leader in Cloud based Software Solutions and the largest in Asia Pacific, specialized for the Fashion Industry.
Founded in 2000, WFX has implemented products in over 350 fashion businesses across 14 countries and established a leading role as a provider of cost-effective IT solutions to the industry.

WFX has over 100-person strong in-house team developing, implementing and supporting WFX products and our network of global partners.

Cloud based ERP and PLM Solutions are available at www.wfxCloud.com & www.WFXonDemand.com

WFX provides customizable web-based software solutions, which completely and efficiently manage the product life cycle of  Apparel, Home Furnishings, Leather & Footwear Trade.

Products include Cloud based ERP, PLM, PDM, SCM, PPC, Financial & EDI solutions.

Over 350 fashion company installations and 10,000 users across 14 countries run WFX
300 man years experience in helping fashion businesses run and control their businesses better
No. 1 Apparel ERP & PLM solution provider in Asia Pacific.

WFX implements products in all segments of fashion; Retail, Wholesale, Import/Export, Trading and Manufacturing & Exporting businesses.


To be the leading global,  integrated software solutions provider for fashion, with a dominant presence in the apparel, footwear, home fashions, luggage & accessories  industry.

Mission Statement

To strive towards total customer satisfaction by empowering customers with easy-to-use software solutions that reduces their business costs and increase profitability.

Domain Knowledge

Information technology has become indispensable for the day-to-day operations of the global fashion industry. While there are some IT solutions for fashion companies, the challenge of the moment is to find a solution that caters to your specific business in the fashion value chain and can be cost-effectively tailored to fit your business needs.

WFX's end-to-end software solutions seamlessly integrate your business with different players within your enterprise and your global business partners. WFX solutions are so comprehensive and user-friendly that they guide and complement the functions being carried out at each stage of the business process they support. In any function of your business, be it ordering, sourcing, invoicing, communications, production, tracking, warehousing, sales etc., WFX solutions facilitate the cutting edge to excel, that's why we call it 'Expert Edge'.

The entire team at WFX has been handpicked, based on their expertise and hands-on experience in the fashion industry. Our domain knowledge gives not only us, but our partners and clients an advantage because we are always one step ahead. We proactively look for the latest developments and enhancement of systems and processes that can increase the overall efficiency of your business and ePower your enterprise. WFX conducts exhaustive research to include global best practices in our design and implementations for each project.

In short, WFX, with its comprehensive insight and unparallel domain knowledge of the processes and workings of this industry, is the obvious choice for an Enterprise wide business solution.


"Ordinary people sometimes achieve extraordinary success because they don't know when to quit." - George Allen
Total team of over 100 professionals across 5 continents including management, business development, software development, support and implementation consultants.

Each member especially handpicked for their insight and specialization in Fashion in their respective domains.

In WFX, any team member can handle any questions related to the fashion business -  no need to bring us 'up to speed'.

WFX Solutions

WFX solutions create a global environment of 'Total Collaboration' between its users and their business partners. It is totally customizable, easy-to-use and designed to easily integrate with existing systems.

WFX solutions are developed on industrial strength and proven best-of-breed Internet technologies, enabling WFX clients to collaborate with their business partners in real-time. It consists of modules that can be implemented independently, at the same time, are fully integrated to effectively manage all areas - from product development to sales and from sourcing to production.

After conducting business diagnostics, WFX offers its clients customized Product Lifecycle Management - PLM, Product Data Management - PDM, Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP II, Supply Chain Management - SCM or WFX Partner solutions which enable them to work in a collaborative environment within their organization as well as with their business partners.

Fashion businesses worldwide use WFX apparel software management products for business management and planning activities. As fashion design software has only limited functionality of creating product designs, a more comprehensive solution is required to manage all the business activities as the product goes into development, sampling, ordering etc. stages.

Fashion companies use fashion design software and apparel design software to create design sketches but rarely have effective apparel software management tools for complete Product data management and related activities to manage the entire product lifecycle.

WFX offers the most comprehensive software solutions for the Fashion Industry - Apparel, Footwear, Furnishings etc., allowing for the efficient exchange of information, business transactions and services among global business partners via the Internet.

Among the first few companies employ Microsoft.NET Technologies, WFX's web-based applications can be accessed anytime from anywhere, using the Internet. Its collaborative business flow across multiple organizations makes it a powerful tool for any global fashion company.

WFX Web Product Data Management - PDM, Web Product Lifecycle Management - PLM, Web Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP II, Web Supply Chain Management - SCM and Web EDI solutions are used by brands, retailers, suppliers and agents all over the world, ePowering users in many organizations by giving them smarter software solutions and better business control.


Key Differentiators

  • Single domain focus on Apparel, Home Fashions & Accessories Industries globally.
  • Dedicated 100 person team supporting 10000 users & 350 clients across 14 countries making WFX #1 rated Apparel technology provider in Asia Pacific.
  • Offices in 5 countries and Global presence
  • 300 Man-Years of experience in Apparel Technology Solutions.
  • Largest R&D Investment into ongoing development & support of Apparel solutions
  • Largest Apparel Customer base to any technology vendor in Asia Pacific
  • Latest Technology Platform on Cloud Computing
  • Multiple deployment options; Cloud & On-Premise with ability to migrate between deployments options. i.e customers can start with low cap-ex cloud model and migrate seamlessly to on-premise while protecting investment with no adverse impact on product, customization or training.
  • Best Business Practices Consulting and realization from “Paper” to “Performance”.
  • 24/7 Global Support
  • Solution Blue Print Methodologies.
  • Proven Solution Implementation & Training Methodologies with true ROI.
  • Solution Offerings for all segments of Apparel value chain; 
    Manufacturers, Exporters, Traders, Designers, Brand Makers & Retailers.
  • Vast suite of Product offerings; ERP, PLM, PDM, SCM, PPC, EDI & Financials.
  • Flexible and Phased implementation models for enhanced ROI in short durations.
  • Extensive experience for Cross Platform Application Integration with leading standard software products.
  • Specialized CEO and Manager tools; Mobile Dashboards and Approval Centers
  • Visual Catalog management.
  • Product Techpack management.
  • Visual Production Planning integrated with real-time Material and Production info.
  • Order Liability Management.
  • Supplier/Buyer Collaboration Portal.
  • Vendor Score cards.
  • Customized KPI/KRA Management reflecting companies’ structure
  • Barcode, RFID, Biometric integration Ready.
  • Unique batch tracking based inventory, enabling tracking and audit trail of every batch of purchased material. Enabling identification of real time and accurate Ageing of stock.
  • Real time Analysis of actual costing progression during order life cycle and WIP reporting
  • Order Profitability Analysis on the basis of real time execution of orders.
  • Specialized Bill passing module ensuring reduced time and effort in Supplier Invoice reconciliation with increased accuracy.
  • Rules driven Budget Control Module ensuring reduced wastage and accurate purchases
  • Automatic Alerts & Reminders reporting via different tools; E-mail, SMS, Notifications.

Contact us

Sunil Arora
VP - Business Development - Global Sales

Email :  sunil.arora@worldfashionexchange.com
Mobile : +91 9871092146   
Phone  : +91-124-4912201 (Direct) 
skype :  sunilarora.wfx

Gaurav Gupta   +91 9971312355  
E-mail: gaurav.gupta@worldfashionexchange.com

Sanchit Munjal
  +91 9911147670 
E-mail : sanchit.munjal@worldfashionexchange.com

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