•   Nylon-6
   •    Nylon Filament Yarn
   •    Caprolactam
   •    Fertilizers
   •    Agro Products
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Production Capacity:
   •   Caprolactam: 79716 MT
   •   Nylon-6: 8683 MT (Brand: Gujlon)
   •   Nylon Filament Yarn: 6000 MT
   •   Nylon Chips: 5950 MT

Manufacturing Units:
      An integrated Fertilizer and Chemical Unit at
      Fertilizernagar, Vadodara.
   •   POLYMER UNIT  :
      An Acrylic based Industrial Product Unit at
      Nandesari, Vadodara.
   •   SIKKA UNIT        :
      A coastal Phosphatic Fertilizer Unit, at Moti
      Khavdi, Jamnagar
   •   FIBRE UNIT        :
      A Nylon 6 Filament Yard and Chips Production       Unit at Kosamba, Surat 

GSFC exports products to more than
35 Countries across the globe.
To name a few - UK, Germany, Russia,
UAE, China Canada etc..

  Board of Directors:
   •   Shri D. Rajagopalan, IAS - Chairman               •    Shri D.C. Anjaria - Director
   •    Dr. Vasant P. Gandhi - Director                         •    Shri Ajay N. Shah - Director
   •    Shri Vijai Kapoor - Director                                 •    Shri P.N. Roy Chowdhury, IAS - Director
   •   Shri S. Jagadeesan, IAS - Director                    •    Shri Haribhai V Patel, IAS - Managing Director

About Company:
Company Name : Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd.

The facet of care can be expressed in thought and action. And since its beginning, in 1962, GSFC has consistently translated the facet of care in its every activity. Unfolding before you is the epic of the Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd, an organization, in the annals of Indian Corporate history, founded on the single minded principle of offering the best to the customer. GSFC is taking its philosophy of care and extending it to every facet of its existence, employees, suppliers, services, society and even the environment.

In offering its care to an even larger section of society, GSFC has transcended the boundaries of the ordinary to be able to truly fulfil its goal of being “Basic to India’s Progress”.

Initially with the equity structure, comprising of 49% of State Government participation and 51% of Public and Financial Institutions, today the Government’s involvement has come down to 38.4%.

As an organization formed for supporting the farmers, GSFC’s every act revolves around the avowed goal of “not only selling fertilizers, but also offering happiness.” Translating this belief has been the constant standard that its every act must measure up to.

No. of Employees:
   •   More than 3500

Marketing Network:
The ambit of GSFC Fertilizers & Industrial Products is spread countrywide in terms of marketing and service network with 133 Farm Information Centre / Depots in Gujarat and 43 Area and Regional Offices all over the country.
  Registered Office :
Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd.
P.O. Fertilizernagar -391 750,
Dist. Vadodara,
Gujarat, India

Phone: +91-265-2242051, 2242451,
                               2242651, 2242751
Fax: +91-265-2240966, 2240119


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