Erode Textile Mall Pvt. Ltd.

A dedicated textile zone

As a dedicated Textile Zone, supported by the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India, Texvalley provides every single security and certainty that a trader would need to look ahead than be seized of issues they are forced to deal with.

About us

Huge growth potential

Texvalley as the largest textile single point trade centre will attract the highest number of buyers to its facility

Texvalley carries all the potential to become the Textile gateway of South. Such a title would see more buyers coming to Erode to trade at Texvalley

More A class buyers would begin to visit Texvalley for its sheer size, options and opportunities it has to offer them

Texvalley will actively be promoted as a brand that buyers can rely on to offer the best of textile options at competitive prices from this part of the world

Texvalley provides you the platform to turn into Brand

It takes a lot to become a brand, Texvalley provides the scope and platform for small players to get a head start in turning into a brand

Texvalley enables you to perform to your potential

Texvalley uses technologies and tools that are well aligned to support the business vision, goals and objectives of the shops moving in. The technologies used will empower and enable the trade to function and deliver at levels that are way beyond trade systems operating outside the Texvalley environment

Texvalley ensures business continuity

It is a future that the next generation would be happy to look forward to, ensuring continuity in business thereby. It is a future worth bequeathing.

Texvalley offers you a very sustainable environment

Texvalley offers you a very enduring sustainable environment. You can look farther into the future than you possibly can wherever you are at present. Take the "5 year" test to identify the type of challenges your business is likely to be faced with 5 years from now.

Texvalley is an industrial corridor in the making

Texvalley has generated enough interest amongst the industry to bet on this corridor to become the next big thing to happen for the city of Erode

Texvalley is on the crest of an expanding city that Erode is

The golden rule is "ride the crest that is expanding the city". Gangapuram, perched on the outer fringes of Erode, is only a stone's throw away from the two entry points, namely Chithode and Nessiyanur.

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