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eCAAS Ecommerce Services Offered

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Order Management
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Our Plans

  • On-boarding
  • Marketplace: 5 Main + 4 Curated
    SKU: 1000
  • Order & Inventory Management
  • Facilitating Reputation Management
  • Brand Building
  • Standard Reports / Marketplace Promotions
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  • Elite +
  • Marketplace: 15 Channels
    SKU: 2000
  • Increasing Revenue
  • Warehousing
  • Payment Reconciliation
  • Merchandising Support
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  • Premium +
  • Marketplace: Major Domestic + International
    SKU: Unlimited
  • Offline Marketing
  • Web Merchandising
  • Digital Marketing
  • E-consulting
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Personalized Plan

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Dashboard Management

eCAAS provides you with a user-friendly dashboard, with an intuitive and seamless interface, resulting in effective communication, valuable insights and data analysis. Enabling you to track your business growth, the dashboard will help boost the efficiency and effectiveness of your workflow and campaigns.

E-commerce Expertise

  • 17+ years of effective presence in the E-commerce space
  • Digital footprint spanning across 190+ countries
  • 360-degree brand analysis
  • 45+ million hits via syndications

E-commerce Multichannel Selling

Trusted by Leading Businesses Around the World

  • Akash Mishra
  • Surbhit Agrrawal
  • Rushabh Gala
  • Astha Sethi & Sidhartha Arora
  • Girish Ramchandani
  • Akash Mishra, Owner
    Blu Finch
    eCAAS is a great company to work with and although projects like these can be a bit tricky we were very pleased with the process and the outcome.
  • Surbhit Agrrawal, Owner
    Naagal Garments
    eCAAS is a very easy to use multichannel listing platform. The fact that you can manage all marketplaces in one go saves a lot of time.
  • Rushabh Gala, Owner
    Zola Fashion
    It would have been difficult for a small company like ours. eCAAS has offered us the complete range of services. Also, we find them clear and transparent in their terms.
  • Astha Sethi & Sidhartha Arora , Owner
    ANS by Astha & Sidhartha
    I do believe eCAAS will help grow my business as they are always looking for new marketplaces and constantly improving their services, to make things easier for us sellers.
  • Girish Ramchandani, Owner
    Order processing has become very easy with eCAAS. Its efficient inventory management has saved a lot of time and helped us utilize our manpower.


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