Market Research Solutions

Comprehensive Fortnightly Price Trend and Market Analysis Report

Historical Price
Library A sequential database of historical as well as current prices of major fibres and intermediates used in the Textile Industry
News Regular updates about the latest happenings in the Textile & Apparel markets across the globe
Articles A dedicated section on articles prepared by a wide range of authors for intensive topic coverage across all major domains of the Textile & Apparel industry
Cotton Fibre &
Yarn Report Covers daily Cotton fibre & yarn prices from all major markets across the globe
MMF Fibre &
Yarn Report Covers Daily / Weekly / Fortnightly man-made fibre & yarn prices from all major markets across the globe
Feedstock Market
Summary Report A summary report on movement of textile fibre & feedstock prices during a month

Daily Reports

These reports bring to you daily price quotes/daily price trends on various textile fibres and feedstock.

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Weekly Reports

These reports keep you updated week after week on market fluctuations and price trends of various textile fibres and chemicals.

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Fortnightly Reports

These reports provide an access to holistic information on pricing and market trends of entire textile value chains.

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Monthly Reports

These reports provide an in-depth analysis covering the entire spectrum of the textile industry, in a specific month.

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