Luwa-Your Premier Air Engineering Systems Partner

Are you ready to unlock innovation and efficiency in your technical textile production? Look no further than Luwa, your global partner in air engineering solutions. With a legacy of excellence dating back to 1935 and a commitment to delivering high-quality systems and solutions worldwide, Luwa is poised to optimise your process conditions. Let’s delve into why Luwa should be your preferred partner in the dynamic world of technical textiles.

Your Partner Across the Globe - Luwa’s global reach ensures a robust network for local services, leveraging operational bases in strategic locations such as Switzerland, India, Turkiye, Singapore, and China. Our dedicated teams in sales, engineering, manufacturing, and service work seamlessly to cater to your unique needs, regardless of your location. Additionally, Luwa’s commitment to sustainability through energy-efficient solutions and waste management initiatives further add value to customers who prioritise environmentally friendly practices in their operations.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Engineering Expertise - Success in technical textiles hinges on deploying the right technology and engineering know-how. Luwa’s experienced engineers are masters at designing optimal systems that meet technical demands. Our expertise ensures that your production processes perform to expectations, delivering top-notch performance with minimal maintenance requirements and downtime. Luwa’s commitment to excellence ensures that every system is tailored to deliver optimal process conditions.

Unrivalled Quality Products for Uninterrupted Operations - Luwa understands the critical role that quality equipment plays in production efficiency. Our range of products, from industrial-grade air handling units (AHUs) to high-pressure humidification systems and advanced control engineering solutions, ensure continuous operation and high performance. Experience the security of top performance with Luwa solutions, backed by our local manufacturing and sourcing strength, providing peace of mind.

Advanced Control Engineering Solutions for Continuous Operations - In today’s manufacturing landscape, effective monitoring and control are paramount for profitability. Luwa offers state-of-the-art control software powered by our Digital Solutions offering that include DigiControl 7, Luwa Insight and Luwa Assist. Monitor your textile air systems, receive alarms when needed, and receive reports for data-driven decision making. Luwa’s control engineering solutions ensure safe, efficient, and uninterrupted operations, optimising resource utilisation and reducing operational costs.

Comprehensive Product Portfolio for Technical Textiles - Explore Luwa’s comprehensive product portfolio designed specifically for the technical textile industry:

  • Luwa Air Handling Unit AHU: Industrial-grade AHUs designed for demanding industrial use, with high air volume, sturdy construction, and air washer solutions.

  • Uniluwa-H Compact AHU: Ideal for hygienic applications with stainless steel construction and advanced humidification systems.

  • Luwa TexFog High-Pressure Humidification System: Energy-efficient mist creation meeting hygienic standards with minimal energy consumption.

  • Luwa Air Washer: Efficient air humidification, cooling, and purification for industrial settings, ensuring high humidification efficiency and low-pressure loss.

  • Luwa Flowmaster Displacement Flow Diffuser: Provides energy-saving air supply with clean working zones for industrial processes.

  • Luwa Industrial Fans: Carefully selected for uninterrupted and efficient operation in diverse industrial environments.

  • Luwa Digital Solutions: Offers real-time data, remote monitoring, predictive insights, and expert support for enhanced efficiency and safety.

  • Luwa Waste Collection System and Heat Recovery Solutions: Comprehensive equipment for waste handling, recycling, and energy recovery.


Luwa’s legacy of well-engineered, innovative systems and solutions is backed by 85 years of experience. Our goal is to create the ideal climate conditions for efficient manufacturing worldwide, reducing energy costs, and generating added value for our customers. Partner with Luwa today and experience the Luwa advantage in technical textile production.

Luwa does not just stop at installation; we provide ongoing support, maintenance, and spare parts to ensure smooth operations. Trust Luwa for economically convincing solutions in proven high-quality.

Call us at 91 80 2951 1930 / 31 / 32, email us at, or visit to discover more about Luwa’s solutions and start your journey towards unparalleled innovation, efficiency, and reliability in technical textiles. Luwa – Your Partner for Success!