Much like a plant relies on a strong and well-nourished root system for its vitality, spinning mills depend on skilled operators equipped with the right knowledge and expertise. Rieter’s Online Operators Training called ROOT offers a comprehensive and cost-effective solution that transforms traditional training methods. ROOT allows spinning mills to train at a lower cost per operator, especially when training a large number of new joiners or experienced operators. ROOT is cloud-based and forms the digital extension of the customer training offering ESSENTIALacademy, which combines both classroom training including machine training at customers’ mills with e-learning.

Safety first

Safety first is a fundamental principle for all spinning mills. It is in every spinning mill’s responsibility to ensure safety for all employees. In the general safety section of ROOT, a 15-minute video sets the tone for mill safety. The mandatory knowledge check ensures that all operators, regardless of experience, are aligned with safety protocols. This section serves as a valuable addition to onboarding processes and acts as a periodic reminder for the experienced operators (Fig. 1).

                                       Fig. 1: Safety is key to all mills to prevent harm to operators.

Reducing onboarding time while improving efficiency

With this e-learning, Rieter projects remarkable outcomes: training mill staff online can help reduce onboarding time by around 20 per cent based on market insights and customer feedback. In addition, Rieter expects spinning mills to gain efficiency due to the better understanding of machine operation, a drop in frequently committed mistakes and higher safety awareness. This translates into substantial reductions in overhead costs and a significant production increase, offering a compelling proposition for any mill seeking operational excellence.

Structured learning for a strong foundation

ROOT is structured into four categories: safety, ring spinning, rotor spinning and winding, available in English as of April 2024. A fifth category, preparation, covering blow room, carding, drawing and combing, will follow later in 2024. Accessible 24/7, operators and managers can log in using individual IDs issued by mill management, promoting seamless integration into existing systems.

The platform introduces a tiered certification system – bronze, silver, and gold – rewarding operators with a certificate at each level. Managers can easily monitor the progress and test scores through the platform, making it an excellent tool for performance incentives, salary raises and promotions.

Continuous learning offers growth opportunities

Continuous learning not only helps unlock efficiency and excellence. It enhances the overall understanding of spinning mill operations, and it ultimately improves employee satisfaction by enabling staff to grow and take on new career opportunities. Rieter’s ESSENTIALacademy offers trainings on several topics that are conducted by professional Rieter trainers who bring along decades of experience in the textile industry with a strong passion to teach.