By: Phoenix Lindbergh

When the temperature is at its all-time high, you can actually see the asphalt creating sizzling metropolis mirages in the street and next door neighbors stripping down to the minimum. Summer creates such hysteria that you, yourself, would want to take off all your clothes, sit by the back yard pool or hit the nearest beach in your bathing suit, and catch up on some reading while you tank up on your favorite cold slosh drink. And if you haven't done anything remotely like it lately, I seriously suggest you indulge in a little summer fun before the season's over. If you've got a spanking new swimsuit and you can't wait to show off the body you've worked hard to look good for months, it would also make a lot of sense if you indulge in a little alcohol while you're at it. I say "little" because in this case less is more. Excessive alcohol consumption wouldn't do you any good at the beach. Trust me, you wouldn't want to join A.A. or have your mugshot taken for D.U.I. (Drowning Under The Influence) this early in the game.

Getting uneven tan lines come to a close second to getting insanely hammered. Thanks to recent swim wear technology, you could opt for getting a complete tan without the crazy, and often times misleading, lines. Tan-through Swimwear has created a wide selection of beach wear including shirts, shorts, bikinis, trunks, one-piece suits for both men and women. The Cooltan collection is available for your viewing and buying pleasure at This way everybody could enjoy the sun without worrying about tan lines and all you get is a soft, sun-kissed look all over. They're unbelievably comfortable and durable, even for wild white-water activities. So allow me to reintroduce this season's coolest buzzing thirst quenchers and their hottest Tan-through bathing suit contemporaries. Sip and swim -- that's all there is to it.

The first summer drink on the list that everyone has to taste at least once in their life is the Bikini Martini. Just by its name you know it's the perfect cocktail for the season. This cocktail's vibrant blue color and zesty transparency almost mocks the sea's inviting waters. Made up of gin, blue Curacao, fresh lime juice, peach schnapps, lemon zest, and a dash of sweetener, this cocktail is sure to become a warm weather hit for you and your friends. Swagger by the poolside in an equally breezy swimsuit like the Blue Aztec one-piece tank suit. This cool and sassy number has sultry high cut sides and a moderately low-cut back which gives adequate support and fashions inimitable style. It's yours for a penny ante price of only $67.95. Put that $10 savings to good use and tip the waiter who'll bring you your true blue Bikini Martini.

The next cocktail to consider in the summertime is the Red Army. Make love and not war with this alluringly refreshing alcoholic beverage. The delightful mix of Triple Sec, raspberry flavored vodka, raspberry liqueur, lime juice, syrup, and fresh raspberries will make you anticipate your next glass. Mixing fruit with spirits could only uplift yours. It's not as easy to prepare like the Bikini Martini, but that's what bartenders are for. Make special requests for a taller glass, plenty of crushed ice, and an extra raspberry or two, and you might as well be having drinks in summer heaven. This red concoction will definitely look like a lovely deliquescent accessory next to the Tan-through Red Sea String Bikini. For only $64.90 you can lie under the sun in a bright and bold pseudo-solid red triangle top and string bikini bottom as if you had nothing on at all. You don't have to part the Red Sea to get both of these devilish summer must-haves.

Even though it isn't dark and you're not in a smoke-filled bar downtown, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy a light and cool summer cocktail in the sun. During a hot day, refreshments and swim wear seem like a logical combination. So all you really need for the perfect cocktail and swimsuit pair is a splash of color, a few zingy spirits, and a whole lot of ice.

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