By: Eric J. Slarkowski

At the first mention of a beaded curtain, many of you will conjure up an image of the swinging sixties. However, the hippy style beaded curtain has made a comeback and can now be found as a very stylish accessory in any type of home. Great new designs work light and texture to dazzling effect, and can be used as window coverings, simple decorations, or even room dividers.

Beads are incredibly versatile and can be used all over your house. There are a number of ways to incorporate them in your window decoration. The entire window covering can be made from beads, hanging down in strands from the pole at the top of the window to the floor. These can be tied back during the day to let in light. For extra privacy, you might consider using a shade behind the beaded curtain, and the color of the shade can really bring out the pattern on the beads.

The type of beads you choose can have an impact on your design. Careful hanging of different colored beads can create an overall pattern or picture when the entire curtain is put together. Using colored glass or clear plastic beads can send beautiful rays of light around your room. Wooden beads can give a natural, homely feeling and should be chosen to compliment your furnishings.

A beaded curtain is perfect for closing off a closet or pantry area where there is no space for opening and closing doors. Again these can be tied back when necessary to allow easier access to the space behind.

If a whole curtain of beads does not appeal to you, you can still use beads in the design of your drapes to add detail and personalize your window dressing. For a bold effect choose colored beads that will contrast with your fabric. For a more neutral effect choose tonal or clear glass beads.

You can also use beads to edge your window dressing. A beaded fringe can relax the look of informal drapes or curtains and can be perfect for your family sitting room or bedrooms. Alternatively, beads added to formal drapes can really dress them up and make them a stylish feature of your formal dining room or entrance hall. A great touch is to make some scatter cushions in the same fabric as the drapes, with similar beading sewn onto them

If you are not a fan of sewing, you can buy ready made curtains and attach your own beads or beaded fringing with adhesive. However, this is unlikely to give such a professional finish and may not stand up to washing very well.

Giving your room a makeover with beads is a quick, cheap and very creative way to add a bit of fun to your decorations. You will end up with completely unique designs that will be the envy of all your friends. Don't be put off by the hippy image of beaded curtains either, they can make an exotic and colorful entrance to your room, and you can even have fun choosing original tie backs for them.

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