By: Joanna Gerber

Dressing right for the winter weather is essential if you want to enjoy your outdoor activities. Winter clothing manufacturers make sure that your day on the slopes is warm, dry and comfortable.

You downhill escapades will require a different attire, then the stroll in the snow covered park. The dressing decisions should be based on the weather, the planed activity and the length of time you plan to stay outside.

Dressing right for the Weather First thing you need to do before you get ready, is to check the weather forecast. Do not just assume that since it is nice and sunny, it will stay that way. Or that it is nice where you are going, even if it is just a short distance away. Remember, Canadian winters are quite unpredictable, and the weather conditions change often without warning.

You know what weather to expect. Now you need to look at your planed activity. If your outing will include the vigorous downhill skiing on the double diamond trails, you will probably be much warmer then someone sitting in the horse drawn sleigh.

Dressing your Children right for the Weather The clothing types and styles you choose for your children, will, of course be different from the once you buy for yourself. The reasons are quite simple.

Children, no matter what age they are, have a tendency to get quite wet when playing outside in the snow. There is so much to do. The sledding, sliding, snow ball fights, igloo building, snow castle building, and the snow angels in the fresh, white, powdery stuff. Of course they get wet! What did you expect?

Here come clothing manufacturers to the rescue! Researchers and developers come up with new fabrics, new insulations. They are making them warmer, greatly breathable and even waterproof. Kids can stay outside and play in the snow longer, they come home dry and warm. Make sure that your kids wear gloves made with water repealing, breathable fabric. Avoid the ones made with rubber lining, when kids play in the snow, the moisture gets inside and stays there, having no way to escape. Even if you put them in the dryer, most likely they will stay wet inside, they will just smell different... and believe me, you don't want that. Other important piece of kids winter attire is a hat. It is well known that body loses most of it's heat through the head That's why newborn babies get those tiny, little hats to protect them form getting cold.

You can protect your babies, big and small the same way. The hat you choose, should be the right size. If it is too small it will cause excessive sweating, which in a way, if persistent, may cause damage to the hair follicle. So the hat should be loose enough to allow good air circulation, and made of breathable fabric that protects form wind. Another piece of important clothing for the active enthusiast of the winter sports is some form of neck and chest area protection. The selection of scarves, neck-warmers and hat-scarf combination is so great and versatile, there is no reason not to have them and use them.

Right Winter Clothing Adults will appreciate the fact that new winter sports clothing is light weight, waterproof, warmly insulated, and breathable. The top end designer lines offer quality titanium fabric coating on their outerwear.

Some suggestions for dressing the right way for the outdoors would include dressing like an onion... (not to confuse it with Shrek philosophy) we are talking here about the onion layers. You should opt for 3-4 layers.

The layer closest to your skin, includes the long underwear, made of synthetic or natural fabric with the ability to absorb and move the moisture away from your skin, so it can easily evaporate. It should fit snugly to your body, but should not bind or restrain you in any way. If you stay dry, you will stay warm.

Insulating layer is next, this is what will actually keep you warm. . This layer will keep the cold out and warm in, simply by trapping air between the fibers. So that war sweater u got for Christmas will come in handy right here. The insulating layer should be loose enough to allow the air to circulate, but not so thick and loose to be bulky and restrict your movements. The best fabric choices here, would be wool and fleece that has the ability to spread the moisture and allow the fabric to dry faster. It is synthetic, soft, light weight and very comfortable. Make sure that your insulating layer is not made of cotton. Cotton absorbs moisture and hold it in. So if you do choose to wear cotton while having active fun in the winter wonderland, you may be, well... left out in the cold. For very cold temperatures, make sure that you wear two insulating layers to keep you warm and dry.

Final, protective layer will keep you away from the sleet and snow. The fibers used here can not only repel water, but also shield you from those gusting, freezing winds, that could make you shiver. One last feature of the latest, top of the line fabrics is the ability to let the moisture evaporate. It means that you will stay dry and warm, even if you perspire. Again, your outer clothing should fit well, allowing you the freedom of movement. The more comfortable you are, the better you will fill and the longer you will be able to enjoy your winter outing.

It is also important to protect your eyes on the snow. The beauty of the sun swept, glistening snow, may be breathtaking, but it's brightness may harm your vision. Wear good quality reflective sunglasses. Before you go outside, make sure that your eyes get used to the brightness slowly.

Our Canadian winter, can provide the best opportunities to discover the perfect places to escape the hectic lives of the city. Just choose the right clothing, stay active and warm, and your winter outing will be fun and exciting.

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Polish born-Canadian, Joanna Gerber is a professional photographer, alpine skiing enthusiast and editor of comprehensive guide to Ontario winter travel, resorts and family oriented activities in Ontario, Canada.

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