Human Resources

The HR functions are HR planning, recruitment, selection, training and development, and compensation. You will be liaising with people within and outside the organization. The goal of HR manager is to keep its staff motivated to work efficiently and effectively. Today many organizations are facing the problem of high attrition rate, so to retain employees has become important issue. To make career in this line you need to be a credible and persuasive communicator.

Information Systems

Today IT has become integral part of retail organization. IT support is required in all of the above functions discussed. Creating database, developing new systems and networking to facilitate information sharing helps organization to save time and cost. You will need a suitable IT qualification, some knowledge about the operations involved and problem solving skills to pursue your career in IT.


You can see your career in the retail industry if you have relevant qualification and interest for any of these fields. Retail is an industry where you have unlimited opportunities to grow. Of course some people believe that for a retail business you just need a right attitude and business acumen but besides this if you have a formal degree, you will able to hold higher positions at an early stage of your career.

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