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Need for medical uniforms: Medicine is a profession considered noblest among all other professions. Millions of doctors are serving day and night for the betterment of society and it's not an easy job, for this they constantly sacrifice their personal lives and have to bear tension and stress all the time.

They have to work in challenging environment. Due to which the medical uniform should be very comfortable. It should be stain resistant, comfortable, long lasting and also soothing for the patients.

Patient's psychology is immediately affected by the uniform worn by the medical professional. Usually medical uniform like scrubs can be worn by male or female doctors, but in some cases they are made for a particular gender.

Lab coats are also an important part of the medical uniform. Earlier hard stiffed lab coats were made, but now days they are made light and comfortable to wear. The material used is also of great importance .A material with low cotton content can catch fire easily thus should be avoided. Also cotton blended material cannot be made fire resistant. Patient's gown are also a part of medical uniform. It should be carefully chosen keeping in view two major factors, firstly gown should be comfortable as patients has to rest for long hours and improper fabric can result in skin diseases or in worse cases, tumors on back side. For this the comfort level has to be taken into account.

Shoes are also important, doctors have to stand for long hours and walk a lot. So, having leather shoes will be more painful then having a nice pair of sports shoes.

History: Medical uniforms have a long and constantly changing history. The design and fabric has been improved day by day. Earlier surgeons did not have specific uniform .To avoid stains they used to wear street clothes but now as cleanliness became vital part of treatment, how fabric reduces the effect of stains is determined.

Formerly medical uniform for women was used to be of full length up to the toes with full sleeves and starched white uniform with no other attracting colors which with the course of time replaced by scrubs together with trousers and skirts. Now days, short sleeves are generally preferred as it does not hinders lady doctor's work.

Scrubs: scrub is a must for every medical professional. It stops germs to spread and thus helpful to counter spreading infections. Scrubs of different fabrics, sizes, colors are available.

Now days, even designer scrubs are available in the market. Different colors of scrub can be used for different department. This will allow easy recognition of designation. We can take the example of pediatrics department .If the staff there wears a brightly colored apron with the pictures of toons over it, the ill children will enjoy their company, which in turn will help them to recover faster.

Similarly, in the operation theatres, green colored scrub are used which, studies has shown, soothes the patient's thumping heartbeat. Looking at the medical staff (their outfits ,scrubs, shoes) patients judge the abilities for instance a patient will trust a doctor wearing a white scrub more than a doctor without it. Moreover you can also express your personality through your uniform.

Most of scrubs are made of cotton or poly cotton blended with other fabrics or polyester to give them more strength against stains. A great fabric also lasts longer and doesn't smell badly. Scrub may include a jacket without any lapel. For veterinary staff vat scrubs are the best

Buying medical uniform online: first of all you should look for a renowned reputed site which can give you a satisfying high quality product. Do not go for a cheaper product without enquiring about the fabric used, designing and other factors.

The best part of buying medical uniforms online is that it's much cheaper and convenient. You can also order for customized logo over it.

Medical professionals give a lot of importance to the uniform to judge their colleagues. So, your uniform should be up to the mark and compromising over it is just something, which is simply unacceptable.

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Taking care of your uniform: always read the instructions written on label before washing the uniform. Wash it in warm water and do not use strong detergent as it can cause unrepairable damage to your uniform.

Do not use bleachers, whiteners or other chemicals if not mentioned on the label. Medical uniform should not be taken to home or laundry for washing be sure that the place where you are sending them should be fully equipped to detect the contamination and to remove that efficiently. Also, take in account whether the textile is phallic or phobic to particular substance.

Medical instruments are also needed by a medical professional but whether they are a part of medical uniform or not, is a point of controversy. Different organizations have different point of view in this regard, actually it depends on personal choice.

Now, as we had discussed all major things about medical uniforms, I'll close this article by telling you, what's there in future for uniforms? Scientists and researchers are working day and night to make a fabric which repels the disease causing factors, fabric would be made noninflammable, stain resistant, chemicals resistant, odor resistant, so that medical professionals can give their best to the society.

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