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Are you a lover of all things soft silky and lacy? If so there is some great news for people such as you. Silky soft frilly frothy petticoats are once again back in fashion with in all their frilly lace and crinoline glory. In the past they were only the preserve of rock and rollers or square dancing clubs. But now petticoats have become a great accessory for all you fashion victims out there too. So check out the dark uncharted depths of your spare wardrobe and dig out those long lost and forgotten netted petticoats or crinoline numbers that are buried in there. Even if you chucked them out to the charity shop years ago you had better get out there and buy yourself another one (or two) or you really will be a fashion victim for sure.

Just imagine what a wow outfit a frilly petticoat will make teamed up with thick tights, old boots and your favorite leather jacket. Very Goth looking or what? Then again maybe your prefer your petticoats to evoke a more feminine aspect altogether in which case you will go for the more girlie look. Why not try something in white lace that peeks just below the hem of the skirt and gives the odd flash of some sexy smooth silky stocking tops for the guys. Then again don't blame me if you have to beat them off with a big stick (or club) when you go clubbing looking like that.

Petticoats will also look and feel fabulous worn under those shiny satin party frocks. You could once again wear those silky sexy stockings or tights to add to the appeal of such a fetching outfit. Whatever you decide one things for sure, you are sure to cause a stir and turn a few heads into the bargain . Petticoat outfits really come into their own when the dancing starts and you let those petticoats twirl up around the waist. Be prepared to repel boarders because the male fraternity will be wide eyed and rearing to get to know you better. There is nothing like the site of a lady wearing all that frilly lace and satin over her silky stockings to get the male pulse racing and the blood pressure rising.

So whether you oppt for feminine sophistication and elegance or pure silky sex appeal you can be sure to achieve the desired effect.The petticoat is evocative of a bygone age when women where perhaps considered a little more gentile and this is reflected in these delicate garments. They don't have to be short either because they can be worn to great effect under a sensuous silky ball gown or prom dress for a full floaty effect that will sway with your every movement. Dressed in that style you will be a real cinderella or the princess of your dreams for the evening.

Every girl dreams of the perfect wedding so If your big day is coming up soon you may want to consider wearing a full hooped bridal petticoat under your stunning dress. Those yards of pure white shimmering satin will float on a bed of crinoline and polyester swaying around you with every move you make. Wearing such a lavish and feminine garment under your dream dress will make it a real fairy tale wedding to treasure for the rest of your life time.

Buying these frilly delights has never been easier due to the growing number of specialist online petticoat stores. They can supply in every color and size you desire with delivery direct to your door. Online shopping is safe secure and discreet with the goods being dispatched under plain wrappings. Your credit card is usualy billed with an unambiguous trading name which is great if you are buying a surprise gift for your partner. Enjoy petticoats!

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