By: Pierre Perissel

Designer clothing used to be an exclusive privilege of adults, but that has changed. With the deluge of advertising and publicity offered by television, designer clothing has come in demand by younger and younger children. Everyone wants to look good and feel special regardless of age.

Clothing designers and manufacturers have responded to this growing demand. They have also in a sense fueled the demand by targeted advertising and promotion campaigns. It is potentially a huge market for them that one can expect they will fully leverage and exploit.

Designer clothing tends to lend a sense of elegance to a personal clothing style. One has to realize that the days of boys generally being happy with wearing just anything that covers the body are over. So are the days of milking cows and carrying in the sack of coal. Social and peer pressure have sensitized many boys to the need to look good and make a good impression.

In general, boys do not tend to be too fussy about the specific label; they are more just pursuing the elegance that designer clothing gives them, and the furtive glances they get from the girls when they wear those garments. They also love that extra boost of self-confidence it gives them.

Ambient and simple colors are the in thing nowadays. The flashy studded leather look is so 60's and 70's, and your boys would probably rather die than be seen in something from yester year. Hence, it is important to clothe your boys with what is in fashion, keeping in mind that the chosen clothing also has to fit well and compliment the teenager's body style.

Designer clothing for boys includes the basics of the typical top and bottom, or shirt and pants. In addition, it also extends to other garments like sweaters, jackets, bands, neck-scarves, caps, skull-caps, and much more.

Nowadays these special pieces of clothing can easily be found and ordered online. Your boy would probably not particularly like it to spend an afternoon with mom in a clothing store, but he most likely wouldn't mind, and might even be thrilled, to spend a few hours one evening browsing designer clothing websites and picking out what he likes.

One of the more popular designer clothing for boys is khaki. Khaki has been in fashion for more than 10 years, but recently this trend has been growing rapidly. Labels such as Abercrombie and Fitch, PDI, Giordano, Seed, Prada, Crocodile, and Camel have all produced fantastic khaki garments that feel as light as feather and don't hug your legs at all. They are also available in many colors such as khaki brown, beige, white, black, purple, gray, and many more.

Designer clothing might be more expensive, but the durability makes up for the higher price. The old adage is true; you get what you pay for. You love and treasure your precious boys. Treat them with some designer clothing this year and see how they glow when that special girl throws them a look and a smile.

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