By: Ken Wilssens

When deciding to use a certain kinds of home decorating fabrics there are things that you should be aware of. Although some fabrics may look nice there are some advantages and disadvantages with all home decorating fabrics. You should know what these are before spending a great deal of money to purchase these fabrics.

Home Decorating Fabrics fall under different categories, such as Natural Fibers and Man-Made Fibers. Natural Fibers include such fabrics as cotton, wool, silk and linen, all with their own advantages and disadvantages.

One of the many types of home decorating fabrics that can be used in your home is cotton. Cotton is a nice cool soft fabric that takes color well if you decide to die it. This is a good fabric to use cause it withstands abrasions and high heat very well. However this material wrinkles very easily. So it is not a good idea to use fabric in a place in your home where a lot of people will be sitting on it or touching it. To care for cotton it needs to be machine washed but has a tendency to shrink, therefore if you are covering something with the cotton you should buy extra and wash it before sewing or cutting it.

A second type of the Home Decorating Fabrics most commonly used is silk. Silk itself gives you the feeling of being luxurious and sensuous. It had very strong fibers and takes color well. However unless the material is treated on a regular basis it shows water spots and if placed in the sun for a long period of time it will begin to fade. Therefore it is not a good idea to use a great deal of fabric in a bright room with the chances of something being spilled on the fabric are great.

The final two types of Home Decorating Fabrics that fall under the Natural Fibers are linen and wool. Linen is an elegant and refined fabric. However it has poor elasticity and will wrinkle easily. Also it has been found that if linen is stored for extensive periods of time the fabric itself will begin to crack. Linen is also the type of fabric that in order to be cleaned it must be dry cleaned it cannot be put in the regular wash. The other type of Natural Fiber is wool. Wool is a very resilent and elastic material. It takes shape easily and has been found to be very resistant to dirt. However, if you are using a wool fabric in your home decorating plans then you should be aware of moths. Wool, if not treated and taken care of properly will attract moths. Wool is another type of fabric that must be dry cleaned.

Man-Made Home Decorating Fibers have been found to be very strong in nature which leads more people to use them in their home d�cor. However they are not without their problems. Take nylon for example, this fabric is strong and light weight but it has a tendency to melt at high temperatures and may fade if placed in the sun for an extensive period of time.

Rayon, polyester and olefin are also types of man-made home decorating fibers. These are strong in nature as well. Polyester has been found to be quite strong but also melts if placed in high temperatures. Rayon is the type of fiber that wrinkles very easy, so if you are considering using this in your home you need to be very aware of where it will be and who will be around it. Olefin is the type of fabric that is strong, durable and is somewhat wrinkle resistant but it has been found that like cotton it will shrink. Therefore it might be a good idea to purchase more than is necessarily needed.

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