Here's a news flash; your own website is working against you, causing unfinished transactions. It's an online commerce nightmare that's hurting your sales right now. Some sites experience abandoned shopping carts two or three times greater than the carts actually paid for. That hurts.

Diagnosis; lack of consumer trust on the internet.

Driven by;

- Customers concerned you're not who you say you are.

- People worried their personal information is going to be compromised when your site is hacked by a 13-year old Computer Science major.

- Purchasers who can't sleep at night, distressed they won't have anywhere to turn if things go sour.

What's a business-builder to do? You need an easy guide, so you'll be sure your site has the features necessary to build trust. Customer contentment drives real business savings that add-up, year after year.

So here, in reverse order, are the top 5 proven and inexpensive ways to raise your customer trust toward the Stratosphere. Implement all of these easy tips and you'll be elated. While your hapless competition is overwhelmed; stumbling as they try to figure-out how you've suddenly managed to flourish. With their own former customers now yours.

Trust-Builder #5 - Gotta Be Hacker-Free

With endless headlines of credit card companies having millions of personal details compromised, it's no wonder your site visitors are concerned. If a bank connected with Visa can be hacked, how can customers be sure information they give you is safe?

Ensure your site is certified as being hacker-free by a recognized internet security company. Then show the certification shield is prominently displayed on every page of your site. This is easy to do, and only requires html code to be placed one-time in your site's margin. Bonus trust points; the shield carries today's date - always a plus with consumers, as it show's at least part of your site is reviewed daily.

Two of the most recognized companies are Xentinel Security and Scan Alert There are others. Make sure you shop around for your best deal. These companies have special offers from time to time - ask them.

Cost: $50 to $70 a month. Time: About 30 minutes.

Trust-Builder #4 - Get Made with Square Trade

Originally conceived as an arbitration tool for eBay transactions, Square Trade has expanded to become a trust-builder for all sorts of non-eBay businesses. Square Trade certification helps your customers feel secure about buying from you. Even if you're pushing consulting or info products, rather than physical items. Because they'll know a 3rd party is there to resolve any issues, before turning into negative feedback. The service Square Trade provides is extremely good value for money.

It's simple. If you're serious about increasing faith in your online business, you must consider using Square Trade.

For more info, visit Square Trade and select 'Seller Services' at top-right. Once you've signed-up, display your certificate (Square Trade will give you the certificate html code) prominently on your site.

Cost: At about $9 per month, if you decide not to offer your customers Square Trade protection, it won't be because of the price. So, what's your reason? Time: About 45 minutes.

Trust-Builder #3 - A Picture Says a Thousand Words

You can't be a recluse if you want to succeed online. With an image of you placed in front of your potential customers, it helps them see you as a real person. What's more, in customer eyes you're not just another marketer trying to sell stuff. By the way; make sure the photo quality is good, with a well-lit image (there are a lot of poor quality images out there ' don't add to them).

Cost: Zero (if you have a camera already). Time: About 15 minutes.

Trust-Builder #2 - Let Your Customers Do the Talking

Ask for testimonials from your customers whenever possible. Did somebody say it's a new, untried product? Give a bunch away to friends, associates even relatives. Later, get feedback from them. In addition to testimonials themselves, place pictures of testimonial-providers near the text on your web-page. If possible, the pictures should be of the actual person who gave the testimonial - but this may not be strictly required. Consider seeking legal advice on this point for rules in your place of residence. Testimonials are critical to your business success. They work.

Cost: Zero. Time: About 20 minutes per testimonial.

Trust-Builder #1 - Put Risk in Reverse

Offering a cast-iron guarantee is consumer risk-reversal. If it's clear to potential customers you're a hardworking, responsible individual or company, and you're the one bearing the bulk of the risk - they'll be willing to open their wallet. Display your guarantee proudly; with a graphic, in your web-text and in email at every opportunity.

Cost: True, you'll end up with some returns. But if your product is truly worthwhile, the resulting sales increase will heavily outweigh returns by a significant margin. Time: About 1 hour to develop your policy and place it on your site.

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