In 1955 the world saw a new entrant in the fashion of leisure-wear, called the Penguin Collection. This brand was established by a military garment store located in Minnesota, by the name of Munsingwear. This company initially popularized this brand through polo shirts. In order to promote the brand, the company sent a few dozen polo t-shirts to famous world-class golf players, who wore the Penguin clothing during their golf tournaments.

The first advertising campaigns for Penguin clothing were featured on TV, on the then-popular Bob Hope and Bing Cosby television show. This catapulted the Penguin clothing style into the hi-fashion world.

Once Penguin clothing found its footing in the world of fashion there was no looking back. The demand for Penguin clothing grew steadily, and until the 1980s, it was one of the major brands in leisure and sport wear. All the world�s who�s-who wore the Penguin clothing and further enhanced its popularity. People like Richard Nixon, Arnold Palmer and Bob Hope made it their favorite brand.

How Did The Penguin Clothing Get Its Name?

There is a nice story behind the name of Penguin clothing. It seems one of the salesmen of the Munsingwear garment store had chanced upon a group of stuffed penguins in the window of a taxidermist. He thought it would be funny back at the office, and bought one. He called the bird �Pete�. Everybody in the office liked the bird so much that it went on to become the logo of the Penguin clothing line.

Penguin clothing is known for its high quality, high comfort, and exceptional designs. Right from the beginning, the fabric of the Penguin clothing was the best available and constantly one step ahead with innovations. The first ever polo shirt had a new feature dubbed as �action guest�. This Penguin clothing innovation prevented tearing of the underarm area, just for those golfers who got a little too ambitious with their swings.

After the 1980s, Penguin clothing experienced a stagnating period of about ten years, when it was re-launched to its present fame and glory. Perry Ellis International, who had already acquired big-and-tall apparel company Alexander Martin, also took over the Munisngewear label in 1996. The International apparel giant was able to figure out the best of the Penguin clothing�s heritage and project it to match modern fashion trends.

The subsequent collection of Penguin clothing was a runaway success story, which re-established this brand as one of the leading icons in the leisure and sportswear industry. Some of the most-in-demand designs of polo shirts today are those with piped plackets.

Their success with men�s Penguin clothing prompted Perry Ellis International to launch the denim collection in 2006. The garments had all the characteristics of the genuine Penguin clothing � comfortable, trendy and original. This became another feather in the cap, which also prompted further diversification into women�s wear and footwear. Both these lines were received enthusiastically the world over. The Penguin clothing has become synonymous with �the best� in the sports wear today.

You can buy Penguin clothing in upscale boutiques all over the world today, as well as through the online store and retail shops. Just look for the penguin logo.

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