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Once upon a time, designer jeans were worn as status symbols. Joe, Avi and Ralph Nakash, popularly known as the Nakash brothers, kicked off the �fashionable� designer jeans trend as long ago as 1978. Their designer jeans brand, Jordache, sky-rocketed in popularity within a short period of time.

Designer jeans are often quite expensive. However, they represent a good value because they offer an excellent fit, comfort and quality fabric. Besides, wearing branded designer jeans makes a statement about your personality and taste.

You will find that designer jeans come in many shapes and sizes. You will also find designer jeans in all possible colors and styles. You will need to be very careful when choosing a specific brand of designer jeans. Your choice should not only look good, but also be comfortable. You shouldn�t sacrifice comfort for fashion, although this is quite common among teens.

Brand Choice

Your body is unique; a pair of designer jeans that look good on your friend or favorite celebrity may not look good on you at all. You will have to search for the pair of designer jeans that complements your body shape and highlights your finest features. Fortunately, there are many brands of excellent designer jeans in the market that serve to make your search easier. Designer jeans brands like True Religion Jeans, Seven Jeans, Red Monkey, Rock and Republic, are good starter-jeans. As with everything else, you will also need to pay some attention to the budget you have made for your pair of designer jeans. It is lovely to buy and wear designer jeans; however, it is better if you can buy a pair without burning a hole in your pocket.

For Looks

The color and style of your designer jeans affects the impact of your overall wardrobe. Give it due importance when you make your personal designer jeans choice. Some people love tinted jeans such as khaki or rose-colored offerings, while others will prefer the pure denim color. Cloth pattern can be even more important than color. You have a wide selection of designer jeans patterns to choose from:

Crosshatch: This is denim with cross-stitch pattern woven into the fabric.

Frayed: As the name indicates, this style of designer jeans is frayed in different places, for example, around the pockets, at the leg bottom and at the waistline.

Distressed: these pairs of designer jeans are made to look worn out and beat up by opening the hems and allowing them to hang loose. � Whiskered: this name is derived by the impression the designer jeans give when worn � creases that resemble a cat�s whiskers surround the fly area.

For Feel

Again, depending upon your body shape and your choice of style, you can choose between designer jeans that hug the body or those that will hang loose. Stretch denim is a style of jeans that have come into its own, as they have proven more comfortable than many other styles. As the name suggests, stretch jeans are made of denim material that has been woven with spandex so that they stretch and conform to your body when you move. Unlike regular jeans, they don�t tighten as you stoop or sit. Regardless of the type of designer jeans that you decide on, remember to pick the style that fits your personality, not what you think would make you appear more trendy or popular.

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