In contemporary times, the demand of nylon stocking increases and decreases according to changing style and fashion. The new concept of socks and stockings got a boost with the introduction of nylon in 1939 world trade fair. From then things started changing. Soon nylon stockings became the darling of a major section of fashion conscious population. People liked it because nylon is a long lasting material and it takes hardly any time to get dry after being washed.

It was in the year 1940 that nylon stockings made their appearance for the first time in New York. On the first day, more than 72,000 pairs of stockings were sold. The craze for nylon stockings then started spreading like a wild fire. The ignition was so intense that soon nylon stockings became a significant part of international fashion.

As demand increased, the manufacturers caught hold of the heat and started producing nylon stockings of all colors, thickness and forms. The nylon stockings from Givenchy come in natural or black tinge. You just need to pull the socks up without the requirement of garter strap from falling down.

Most people are of the opinion that all nylon stockings are seamed. This is however, a recent concept, as in early times all nylon socks were hand made. It was only when manual labor came to be replaced by machines that seamed nylon stockings were produced in huge amounts.

The various types

Nylon stockings come in several types like the ones, which can cover the ankle and those above and below the knee. Some nylon stockings are designed in a way to give you relief from the pain in the varicose veins.

When you choose nylon stocking it is not mandatory to go by convention. You can also make a choice according to the modern trend. In recent times, nylon stocking stands for luxury and anything fashionable is bound to be considered extravagant nowadays.

Dr. Wallace Hume Carothers is considered the father of nylon stockings at DuPoint. They believe in producing materials replicating nature and confidently add specific characteristics like fire resistance, insulation, lightweight and strength to make their brand of nylon stockings the best in the market.

Quite significantly, within a few years of time, nylon successfully replaced silk stockings and they were available in both seam and seamless varieties.

Now nylon stocking is not just a cover for your leg. With growing time, it has become a fashion statement. A black nylon stocking however creates a dramatic impact on an otherwise uninteresting and colorless garment, whereas a skin-toned nylon stocking conceals skin blemishes and makes your legs look perfect.

What to consider while purchasing nylon stocking?

Price is a great factor, which makes you decide whether you should go for branded or non branded nylon stockings. If you want to spend less then you can go for pantyhoses and if price is not your deciding factor then nylon stockings from Leggs and Woldorfs can surely be your choice. However, if you want to go for midrange nylon stockings like Hanes, Round the Clocl and Jockey for Her is sure to solve your problem to some extent. And if designer stocking is what you want to go for, then the nylon stockings from Donna Karan, Christian Dior, and Calvin Klein will indeed make you look more graceful and gorgeous.

During daytime, you should go for stockings which are a bit sheer otherwise, they would seem drastically dark and heavy. However, you have to be careful with stockings of the sheer variety because they tend to tear easily.

It is important for you to keep in mind that whichever nylon stocking you choose to wear it should be comfortable, decently fabricated and it should allow your skin to breathe.

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