Ribbon embroidery is another very old art form that has recently become popular again. It seems that in today's world people are searching the old art forms to try to re-introduce to craft enthusiasts.

It is an old-fashion romantic embroidery carried out using ribbon, embroidery floss, and parley cotton to create beautiful floral motifs and decorative stitch patterns rather than yarn and all created by hand on garments and accessories.

Silk ribbon embroidery is as old as the history of ribbon Silk Ribbon Embroidery is also known as Rococo Embroidery and made its first appearance in England in the early 17th century when London dressmakers began copying the French technique of embroidery de favor. Silk ribbon embroidery has continued to make resurgence in fashion approximately every fifty years.

Ribbon embroidery and it's close relation ribbon work are expanding out onto quilting, showcasing beautiful stitches along the seams of each patch, to embellish clothing, for framed artwork, on sachets, and various other fabric items such as pillowcases and towels. . Silk ribbon embroidery is often used for stitching gorgeous birds, bugs, and blooms. Silk ribbon or a silk/organza blend ribbon is commonly used for this type of embroidery. Silk ribbon is suited to the numerous styles and techniques for all the skill levels of an embroiderer.

Ribbon embroidery is simply done with different widths of ribbons, rather than embroidery floss. There are no such things as 'mistakes' in ribbon embroidery. Silk Ribbon Embroidery is easy and fun to do. Silk ribbon embroidery is so easy that even inexperienced embroiderers can get beautiful results every time. Silk ribbon embroidery is a lot of fun to learn.

Ribbon embroidery begins with four things: Fabric to stitch on, a needle with a wide eye, ribbon, and your own sense of adventure. Ribbon, especially silk ribbon, comes in many different widths and colors, including variegated, as well as blends. Ribbon Embroidery uses various surface embroidery stitches to create designs.

Silk-ribbon embroidery is easy and fun to do, and even a novice embroiderer can create elegant floral arrangements and beautiful patterns with some simple stitches. The ribbon stitch is for ribbon only, but the lazy daisy, straight stitch, stem stitch, and French knots can be made with ribbon or thread. It looks difficult to do, but ribbon embroidery is incredibly easy (and each project unique -- even from a pattern).

Before using your ribbon, follow the directions on the package for washing it to avoid having any color rub off or stain your fabric later on. Knotting the needle to begin your silk ribbon embroidery project is different than using floss. To create the knot, thread the needle with the ribbon. Fold over a small edge at the other end of the ribbon once, and pierce it with the needle. Silk ribbon is suited to the numerous styles and techniques for all the skill levels of an embroiderer Silk Ribbon Kits and Silk ribbon books are available online.

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