By: Phill Kid

Cufflinks come in various varieties and are they are made of precious or semi precious stones, made of different metals like gold, silver, platinum etc., made with various designs like pins, flowers and more with modernized designs that suits the modern society and cufflinks also available in different materials.

Cufflinks do not come not only in these varieties but are available in any other conceivable material and we can be assured that some one made cufflink out of it.

The past centuries cufflinks style exposed a model of one medallion connected with the back post. In The bottom position the post has a stem raised in one end. In the upper position this stem fits exactly in the hollow cavity of the post. In the down position the stem bends perpendicular to the post to create a perfect T-shape.

So when the stem is in up position it slips the post in to the back and front buttonholes. When the post was made to rotate to the whole way it makes a perfect T with the stem to keep the cufflink in perfect fit.

During those times cufflinks were made with different colors and in different designs, which started from the pretty golden squares to the simple plastic dice.

Though we list all good things about those previous models one decrement also comes in count that those cufflinks have only pretty styles in front and the back was a plain one.

However using the button style cufflink is the simple thing. There are nothing but two identical ornamental buttons usually comes in cabochon shape join together by way of short lengthy chain. To use this cufflink model you can simply slip the front and back buttons in their respective slits.

The button style not only comes in regular cabochon style, but also offers us the ocean of designs in it. Adding to this when we use this button style cufflink the two buttons are identical to give an elegant look to that apparel.

In the silk knot cufflink the process is the same as that of the button style one. The variation remains only in the buttons replaced by two silk knots. Here two silk knots acts as buttons and also a silk cord acts as short lengthy ornamental chain. These are also gives the same glossy appearance as they are made of two matching silk knots both in front and back. As they are made of fine silk wires they are smooth and feel heaven when wear. In additional to this they are cost effective, gives a great appearance to us and as well as comes in wide range of colors.

There is one more style of cufflinks known as Clip cufflinks. It also uses the same procedure like previous two types of button cufflinks and Silk cufflinks. But in addition to that it not only clips the button holes but clips them together from front to back.

These clips can be made of gold, silver or any other imitation metals and are placed with semi-precious or precious stones to give a glittering appearance.

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